Ann Le has been exploring her creativity and sharing it with the world for the past six years. Known as a lifestyle teacher and a lover of all things uplifting, she is host of a popular Youtube channel and creates content on a regular basis on her blog and other social platforms. Ann focuses on creating insightfully uplifting content that inspires her viewers and readers to explore their inner creativity and to see the beauty in life. She loves interacting with over two million of her fans on a daily basis on her YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and other accounts. It is a joy for her to talk with her audience and she loves reading comments on how she has helped many try something new. Nothing gets her excited more then having the opportunity to both express her creativity and share new ideas with others.

Because of Ann’s fantastic audience, she has had the great opportunity to work with many brands, including Fortune 100 brands. Some of the companies that she has collaborated with include Disney, Lionsgate Films, Conde Nast, HGTV, Target, American Express among many others. She believes that creating great branded content for her audience starts with an honest and genuine love for the companies she partners with.

Ann was born in Vietnam and came to the States when she was 2 years old. After graduating college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, she cofounded and helped run a number of businesses with her partner. In a recent business venture, she wanted to find a new way to express herself creatively and started her Youtube channel as a hobby. It has quickly grown to become a platform where she connects with her millions of viewers around the world. Outside of her professional life, Ann loves the outdoors, warm sunny weather, traveling, trying new foods and spending time with her family. Ann is based in Southern California.

*Business Inquiry: AnnLeStyleBrand@gmail.com




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