Birthday Announcement: Creative Minds Journal


Today is a very special day.  Not only is it my birthday but it’s also the launch day of my journal.! Creative Minds Journal is now available for purchase at a special introductory price of 20% off! Make sure you grab the EARLY BIRD journals before they run out.

So, what makes Creative Minds Journal different? There are a ton of journals out there, but here’s what makes Creative Minds Journal special:

1. It’s FULLY customizable 
It’s hard to find a journal that fits your lifestyle and preferences.  Most journals are rigid and too structured.  Creative Minds Journal is completely blank but comes with organizational stickers so that you can customize your journal however you want.  The sticker pack includes dates, months, to do’s, mind spills and more!

2. It will push you to be creative AND productive
Most journals out there are focused on either helping you increase your productivity OR expanding your creativity.  But what about those people who want to do both?  Creative Minds Journal promotes both productivity and creativity by encouraging painting with the water color palette and getting stuff done with the organizational stickers.

3. I’ll help you along the way
Most journals are stand alone products.  You buy the journal and it’s up to you to make things happen.  But, people do way better when there’s a community behind them cheering them on.  Once you purchase this journal, you’ll receive mental quizzes, tutorials and hacks to become the best version of yourself.

I spent months putting this project together and creating a high quality, beautiful journal and 21 day mindfulness challenge. Please support the campaign by:
1. Backing the campaign 
2. Sharing the campaign on Facebook

Thanks so much for your love.


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