11 NEW Packing Tips to Travel Light


Traveling for this holiday season? Before you do, make sure to read or watch my 11 NEW Packing tips to travel light.

TIP #1: For those long trips and layovers, compression stockings for the limbs can help with circulation and swelling. They’re great for when you don’t have many chances to change and they can also hide beneath your clothes…

TIP #2: Layer up to save space and stay cozy. From lightest to heaviest, start with a tank and work up to a button up, a sweater, and finally a coat. Wearing some of your items opens up more room for other pieces you really want to bring and keeps you layered and warm for whatever comes your way.

TIP #3: Prepack into categories. Such as having a toiletry bag and a haircare bag ready ahead of time. Having something neatly together where you can just zip it up and pack it away already makes for convenient travels. You can check out my other videos and lists on what things you can get for packing tips.

TIP #4: Natural Fresheners. I got some nice natural lavender packs I use. Fragrance bags or fresheners keeps clothes fresh and smelling nice everywhere you go, and you can even place them in drawers and closets.

TIP #5: You can tuck about three pairs of socks together to save some space. With enough together you can flatten them out and fit them better into your pack.

TIP #6: The beauty of having them tucked together like this is that you can use them as a cushion for your perfumes and other small fragile containers. Line and cushion your bottle, and place it in a shoe for further protection. Be sure it is compliant with all TSA regulations before you decide to bring anything however.

TIP #7: For those loose socks, you can use them as a sleeve for your hair irons. As long as it’s natural  material, it won’t melt or burn away into a mess as easily.

TIP #8: Have foldable warmth. Grab a foldable jacket from something like an outdoors store. Having some quick warmth at hand is always helpful and will keep you from having a cold miserable trip.

TIP #9: Having a tote bag is always useful. It can be used to run errands for the trip or for dirty laundry. Having an extra back to carry anything in is incredibly helpful in a pinch.


TIP #10: Money Storage. Hide some emergency money away among your packs by placing it in a small plastic bag and tucking it into an old make up wipe bag or something similarly unassuming. When traveling, it’s important to have some form of a back up plan if you lose your most important possessions.

TIP #11: Packing Cubes are the best! They keep your clothes together and clean. It makes organizing so much easier!

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