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If you love bullet journaling or if you’re going back to school and taking lots of notes, these tips, ideas and DIY hacks will be super helpful for organizing your notes. I will show you how to make your bullet journal more organized and efficient. This is great for beginners or experienced journalers. Learn how to do bullet journaling if you are a beginner or enthusiast!

Envelope Slot : 

This is a convenient pocket for your journal you can add by either adhering an envelope to the inside or folding a sheet and gluing the edges into the cover. You can try cutting out a corner for this make the folds neater. Having a pocket will give you a nice place to stick miscellaneous articles in.


2 . Washi Mark:

I like to use washi or art tape to mark out corners and edges of pages. Simple place them on the corner or along the edge and fold them over. Doing this lets you find your more important or most referenced pages easier at a glance.

Cut-out Marks

A tactile method to refer to pages is through cut outs. Having something as simple as cut out triangles and writing in letters or symbols will help you categorize and quickly flip to your desired destination.  

Pen Holder

By slinging your elastic binding over a corner instead of the entire length of your journal, you give yourself a nice place to clip pens onto. It’s a neat idea for a quick way to keep your things together.

Color Index

Using multiple colors to represent your contents is also a good visual way of finding your way around your journal. Open up to your table of contents and color in a box with a color for each article/subject, then do the same for the corresponding pages and their edge. From the side, again, you will have a nice colorful staircase to use as a guide to quickly get life in order.

Page Marks

By tying on something simple as a ribbon to a paper clip you can have an improvised bookmark. Just clip it onto your page and you’ll be able to find where you need to get back to in no time.

Post it holder

Open up to any page and start stacking your sticky notes side by side. Then you’ll have a stash of notes handy everywhere your journal goes

Barn/Dutch Door

If you make an undesirable mistake, you can always cut off a portion of the page and reuse the attached piece to make an extra “swinging barn door” to use a memo or notes page.

Page Cover-up

If the pen and ink bleeds through to the other side, you can always cut out and glue something over it like an inspiring image or photo. This is pretty helpful for thin paper or unintended stains.

Flip Cheat Notes

If you need a quick reference always available such as a key or legend for all your icons or acronyms, you add a page inside the cover that will flip out as a quick reference. This is great for things that are common or occur daily like a chores or habits list.

Black Labels

Boxing and blacking out your mistakes can be written over with correction fluid or white gel ink. It looks like those old school black labels and is a nice aesthetic addition that doesn’t interrupt your flow. 

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