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Style Journal | Bullet Journal Set Up


I have been getting a lot of request on a Style spread for my bullet journal. It took me a while to figure out how I will execute this. Haha! Conveniently H&M sent me a clothing catalogue with many things that are similar to what I have. They are staple pieces that you probably own as well. Since I am a very visual person, it’s important that this set-up is visually helpful. I also made a section for just text. Let me know your thoughts! 

The Styling Journal is great to have as a reference, filled with clever ideas all dated and recorded in the leafs of your journal. You can come back to it, edit it however you want, and decorate it as you please. It’s a visual planner and it’s quite easy to make!

 All you need is a blank journal, scissors, glue/adhesive, rulers, and a writing instrument.

 Grab your favorite magazines and start picking out different things that catch your eyes. What you want are images where you can clearly see the piece of clothing. Not everyone has the exact same clothes as you, but be sure to match these images as close as you can to your wardrobe. Another detail to keep in mind are the nice white backgrounds to keep your clothes as accurate and clear to identify as possible.

 The magazines I ended up using were from H&M. The grid layout of catalogues are perfect for cutting out! Your other options are going online and exploring the expansive selection the internet has to offer. Gather images of your clothes again and run through some image editing software like Photoshop to gather them all on one sheet of printing paper. This way you can print and cut them all at once without wasting paper or time! 


One of the first things you would want to establish is your Capsule Collection. These are the basic items and staples of your wardrobe. Find the corresponding pictures you’ve printed out and neatly place them across the next two page spread. Now you have a nice spread out reference you can flip to instead of rummaging through that closet.

 What you generally want to do is layout your daily and weekly styles by outfit. A good way to figure out outfits is to start with bottoms or tops, and then an outer layer such as a blazer or denim jacket, and shoes. You can do this by writing them in or placing your images into the layout, giving you an easy visual of organization and a way to find which outfit to wear for the day.

Sources of Inspiration

 There are many places to look, some of them seem like they’re even made for this sort of thing. Besides online stores and catalogs, try places like Pinterest where everyone has a personal board for fashion and other ideas. The possibilities are endless as time and information progresses.

 I really hope this Styling Journal helps you out as well as inspires new ideas for your lifestyle! With your outfits all planned out, you can finally commit more mental focus to your studies and work. Whether you’re planning a collegiate collection or a professional portfolio style for the quarter, you know you’re ready with your studying journal. Enjoy and remember to have fun!


Ann Le






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  1. I absolutely love this idea of style journaling. I am guilty of getting ready for anything, work, dinner, etc, and I will change at least 10 times because I am don’t like what I’m wearing. This is tough when I have to get ready for work because it wastes a good 15 minutes of getting ready and I end up running behind schedule. This will definitely help me preplan outfits and save time.

    Thanks Ann!!

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