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How To Pack Light for Travel


Hey Loves! After watching videos on traveling and with vacation season coming around the corner, I think it’s time to look into effective ways to pack for the adventurist and traveler. Here I write about effective organizational methods on how to keep a neatly packed bag so anyone can find what they need at a glance!

The first order of business is compartmentalization. Big word, but cute and small presentation! Everything is broken down into smaller sections or compartments, and are divided by their respective containers. For some links to some useful products, they will be listed here or you can find them in my video!

For my your clothes, I personally like to roll them. This way I can lay them side by side as it will help me see my selections in colors, prints and style. I always like to start with the main items which are bottoms, followed by tops, undergarments and then I add dresses, sweaters or whatever suits my travel.

When it comes to folding, I start with the heavier materials and end with the lighter pieces. It’s good to do it this way so that I can maximize by space by fitting the smaller and squeezable pieces in tight areas.

Now for other things to consider, a toiletry bag with pockets and zippers to keep everything in place and easily findable, an emergency kit for those incidental tears and stains, bags for your hair accessories such as an iron and brushes, and finally your makeup and electronics bags.

For my makeup bag, I hand picked and purchased a bag that would hold all my accessories and kits in place, and would be easily deployed or set up onto a table or surface for a quick vanity set up. Lastly, my electronics bag is separated for things like charging my devices, work, or just to keep handy if I want to pull it out and go somewhere.

Everything fits neatly into a medium sized luggage bag and are easy to keep track of. Hopefully these ideas will save you a lot of suffering and heartache for your adventures ahead!

Items mentioned:

Travel Packing Cubes:
Toiletries Bag:
Makeup Bag:
Waterproof shoe bags:

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  1. Hi Ann, I’ve been subscribed to your YouTube, and love your content. Can you tell me where the cami’ s you have in this video are from? Thank you I’ve been searching for something similar forever.

  2. Ann you give so much informative packing the only thing is your clothing is in small sizes but can you offer to organize woman who wear large to say 1x sizes outfits…
    Thank you so much…

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