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PLAN WITH ME July 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up


Hey Love! June was dedicated to Japan which represented the first part of my trip this summer and so July reflects on Thailand.  My July spread was created before I headed­ out on my family vacation (I am no back). At the time, the theme was inspired by what I had envisioned Thailand to be. Visiting there was of course a different story.

I knew I wanted a botanical theme before summer ends. I thought – what a great way to merge that idea with Thailand. There were actually SO many different other really neat botanicals and tropical plants that I have never seen before. I really wish I had more time to soak in that side of Thailand.

At the Elephant Nature Park

One of my favorite family adventures was definitely seeing the elephants at Elephant Nature Park. Instead of riding the poor animals, we got to tour the rehabilitation center for them. It’s where rescued elephants from riding companies and entertainment businesses resides. The elephants were captured at such a young age and after being mistreated by their previous owners, they no longer know how to live in the wild – therefore after being rescued they can only live in the nature park and be taken care of by humans. We got to see them up close and pet them. It was a very neat experience to see how gentle and peaceful they really are. I feel like the experience really gives my July spread a new meaning. I’m so happy the thought of an elephant came into my theme. It was a sporadic idea that happened for the best.

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