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Hey Love! I am back with my August 2017 Bullet Journal setup and some super fantastic NEWS!!!

After reading all your comments on my journaling videos so many of you suggested I come up with a journal. I’ve been taking notes and so I’m finally giving in!!! What’s so awesome about this is that you can be part of the journal development with me. I will need your suggestion and feedback on designs , colors and everything! I started a campaign call PLAN WITH ANN where you can be part of the experience. CLICK HERE TO VOITE:

As you can tell all I’ve been thinking about is ice-cream this month. It’s been so hot outside and a nice icy cold chocolaty ice-cream can make the world a better place. I love how cute everything turned out. I wanted to create a super extra looking soft serve on the left and for the right I kept the classic scoops piling up!

The second set of pages is for me to process some thoughts. On the left, I wanted to jot some of my current beauty products and questions I thought would be good to revisit. The right side is dedicated to my mind dump. This is where I spill out everything in my mind.

I was down to the last two pages of my planner and so I kept it super simple. On the left I listed all the weeks in the month.. This is where I can add my appointments and everything I need to memorized. On the right is my productivity page. It’s strictly for work and my work production.


  1. What a fantabulous idea! 🙂 Journaling definitely helps clear the mind. Although I am not near the artist you are, I love to write about what’s going on in my life. Even if I’m experiencing a difficult time, like my precious Mama Kitty, Purdy, passing on, getting my thoughts down on paper and out of my head, leads me to crying “happy tears” and not sad tears. I always talk outloud as I’m telling kyself a stort that made me happy. Does that make sense? Maybe you could do something uplifting that can come from a difficult life experience? I would like to see a few cute picture stands to set on my desk or dresser.

  2. Looking at those adorable ice cream cones and popsicles you drew in your Journal, it made me think of a priceless quote I think wiuld be a good theme or a title in your Journal. Stressed spelled backwards is dessert! ! 🙂

  3. Hey Ann i was wondering wich journal you used here I really want a blank one with thick paper I hope you can help me out!❤️

  4. You know, I super love how journaling is part of your blog. I rarely encounter lifestyle / beauty / fashion bloggers who are fellow journal junkies. In fact, you’re the first! I super love your BuJo style and creative trackers. <3

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