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Meal Planning | Creative Bullet Journal SetUp


Meal planning doesn’t have to always take place in the Kitchen. Writing and doodling your plans can also really help you with your new life style goals. While in the process of creating this, it made me more eager to start looking for new recipes and jotting them down. There’s something about doodling that opens up your mind.

Instead of breaking down the plan to weeks. I find that breaking the meals into categories would be more helpful. This way, I can see all the ideas listed in orders – which makes it easier for me to plan out the days.

I put the categories into 3 categories – breakfast/ lunch/ dinner. Below I listed the days from Monday to Sunday. Before I would buy a already made template that goes by the weeks. I would accidentally repeat some recipes or not space them out according. It’s nice to see if you’re adding variety into your planning. I also like to plan according to the ingredients I have, this way you can use the produce accordingly.