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Prepping for a trip is always so exciting. The unpacking part is a different story. I just got back from a two and a half week trip and while on the plane, I noted some tips and hacks I used whenever traveling.  You’re going to find them super helpful!

  1. Book smart:

This first one is a money saving Hack and a time saving Tip!I start with a country I would really like to visit. Then I map out my destination with other countries within the same route. Next, I go on a booking site (I like to check out the different price and itineraries. I would switch around the dates and airports to see the differences in pricing.  If you can find a popular city that can be a transfer stop or layover, most likely you will not have to pay extra to stay in that country as your first destination. On Kayak, I can book multi destinations so I would book a mid stop in a country along my route and then head to the next destination.  Most of the time, the fees are right around the same as flying to the furthest destination.

2. Google Translator:

This second tip is a helper! I love how technology can help you translate foreign languages. Download google translate and the language you need help translating.

To use it, open the camera function and hold it over printed text. It’s not 100% accurate but it can help you just enough to get around. I’m so grateful for this!

3. Essential oils and aromatherapy:

I love using essential oils at home and traveling. It’s like therapy in your pocket.  Let’s breakdown how you can use some of these scents.

Mint: Depending on the brand, you can add a few drops into your water. Sometimes when I travel for long, my stomach feels queasy. The minty scent and taste can help elevate the uneasiness.

Citrus: Citrusy scents are so refreshing. Add a few drops into a water spray bottle as a room freshener.

Lavender: This is a great calming scent. When I come across a nice hotel with a tub, I would add a few drops into the water and it just makes my bath more soothing like a spa.

Eucalyptus: I like to bring this just in case someone gets bad allergies or feeling sick. Add this into a travel humidifier and set it next to your bed while resting.


4. Petroleum jelly:

I store this little jar in my makeup bag but not for my lips! When I’m on a trip, I’m on my feet all day.  After a 8 hours of walking, my feet starts to swell up and rub against my shoes.  To prevent blisters,  rub a good amount of petroleum jelly on the problem area of your feet and inside your shoes. This will create a slippery surface and prevent anymore rubbing.

5. Polish:

Petroleum jelly also works as a great conditioner for your leather accessories. Clean your leather with a damp cloth and then rum on the jelly with a cloth going in circular motions.


6. Stud earrings:

When entering a new country, I always have to switch out my SIM card. If you have switched out your SIM card before, you know how tricky it can be when you don’t have a pin. I always wear my stud earrings, so what I do is use the back to pop the SIM card holder out and voila!

7. Prevent wardrobe malfunction:

After a spaghetti strap snapped on me once, I thought of doing this. With a clothing pin, pin it to the inside of your top or dress. If anything happens, you can instantly fix the problem!

8. Secret compartment:

Most backpacks don’t have a back pocket where you can safely secure your money.  Instead of looking all over for one, I decided to add an inside pouch myself. It’s really easy! All you need is a zip pouch, fabric glue and a needle/tread for extra security.

Place glue evenly to the back of your zip pouch. Then lay it to the inside of your backpack. You can then stitch in the corners of the pouch onto the backpack.


9  Spice container:

Traveling on a non-meat and cheese diet is so difficult! I don’t know how vegans and people with allergies do it.  I am not a vegan and I already have difficulties finding healthy good food.

To save money and eat clean as I would like. I now travel with a container of spices I normally use at home. This helps my hAngry mornings, saves money and adds to the experience.

When traveling with the family. We love to visit the local market, pick up fresh veggies, bring them back to our Airbnb, cook and eat together as a family. It really enhance our trip to live and feel like a local.

10. This may seem like a no brainer but it makes a huge difference when traveling in a different country. Study the basic common phrases like Hello, thank you and goodbye. By showing your respect to a foreign country and language, the locals will really open up more to you. I once seen an American tourist scream “do you understand what I am saying?!” to a French man.

You can watch the video here:

I hope you enjoy these hacks and tips!



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