Let it Go



Today I want to talk about letting go of old perceptions, habits and ideas. I feel like as though my thought process has elevated tremendously in the past year because I was able to let go of preconceived ideas. There’s always another rigorous journey ahead for me but I’m glad it’s a new one and not the same old path.


If you’re feeling stuck somewhere in your life, I believe it’s because you’re not allowing yourself to let go of an old idea that no longer serves your life’s purpose. Growing up we were taught between what’s right and wrong to help us develop and stay on the “right” path. In the universal law, there is no right or wrong. We’re not being judge for having human experiences. Only in our linear mindset are there rules and boundaries that we set for ourselves. Often we don’t realize we are setting limits for ourselves. Therefore when you feel stuck, it’s because you’re probably ready to change but the old ideas conflict with your new ideas. New is sometimes unusual and unexpected. Anything that we are not sure about can be scary. It’s like the unknown depth of the ocean.

I am currently going through a huge shift in my life that it extremely scary to me. I have been holding on so strongly with what I know or so I thought. Although I know what I’m holding on to doesn’t make me happy anymore, I still hold on to it. Will I do worst, am I making the biggest mistake, will I regret it? Those were all questions I asked myself. It’s never easy to act on something that sounds so simple to do like walking away from something that doesn’t bring peace to you. There are times when my anxiety spike so bad I want to scream or not exist. I desperately wanted to change but felt so trap. I was living my life for someone else. This challenge I am facing has taught me so many valuable lessons I would have never known. Although it has brought me so much stress, anger and doubt, I am grateful for it. I still have a few loose ends I need to tie. I’m still learning to overcome is how my action can affect the one I love.

We’re all having a human experience. I learned there is no such thing between Good vs. Bad because without one, the other would never exist.

What makes letting go so challenging is not recognizing you’re holding on. It’s so easy to be distracted and lose focus on yourself. If you can start with the intention of wanting to change for the better, then you can only move forward in your life. Start by wanting it in your heart and trust that God has a plan for you.


Ann Le



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