3 Work appropriate Eye shadow palettes:


Hey, Loves! Today we are covering eyeshadow palettes for the professional working women or any women who’s looking for a nice wearable daytime look. I love eyeshadow palettes but most times they look better as a beautiful display on the table than on my face. A good quality palette that’s both practical and flattering toward my everyday look is one of a kind. When it comes to investing into a new palette, there are a few key factors to consider…


  1. Good selection of Matte shadows
  2.  Range in shades from highlight, transitional to shading
  3.  Practical design or travel friendly
  4. Blend-able formula and beautiful range of colors.

I’m going to start with my ultimate favorite and most used palette:


  1. The Lorac Unzipped palette

It’s kind of strange because my other Lorac palettes have remained untouched. The shadows somehow felt dryer with lots of fallouts. This one however, is easy to pick up with my makeup brush and nicely blend-able. The lighter shades actually shows against my olive undertone as opposed to dissolving in my complexion (even on top of primer). The medium brown shade doesn’t look muddy and is the perfect shade of brown. It’s definitely my go to palette on days I want my makeup to stand out but not look over the top.

Having olive skin tone can be a blessing or a curse. I love it whenever I get that sunkissed glow from the sun but when it comes to playing around with color , it absorbs everything into my skin. It’s really hard to find earthy tones shades that can stand out and compliment my complexion. He range of tones on this palette are ll very neutral, not too cool or warm. Because of that, I believe this makes a great universal palette.

Here the actual picture of the palette I used to give you an idea of the colors unedited.


2. Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette:

First of all I like to address the chocolate-ty scent of this palette. I also love that Tarte uses natural Amazonian clay and stays away from harsh parabens. You also get a beautiful arrangement of wearable neutrals colors that blends like velvet. The size is compact enough to store in your office desk and easy for travel. A love me a matte palette . With 3 of each shades to choose from, you can really play around with the range in shadows . My favorite colors to mix is the sweetheart, rebel and leader. I like how the names alone reflect the different personalities and characteristics of a woman.

Here the actual picture of the palette I used to give you an idea of the colors unedited.


Makeup Forever Palette 4:

This is a very versatile palette to have. You can play with both day and evening looks out the palette. The Makeup Forever Palette 4 is also one of my favorite travel palette.  The cardboard material makes it light weight and eco friendly. The mirror inside is plus and the overall size is easy to store or pack.

I love the option of having a pink, blue, black and some neutrals to play with.  If i can change something about this palette it would be to replace the white with a dark warm brown.  Other than that the colors stand out and the consistent is nice to work with.

Here the actual picture of the palette I used to give you an idea of the colors unedited.


I hope you find this post helpful. The next time you stop by a makeup store like Sephora, definitely try out some swatches to see if these colors compliment your skin tones.





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