Monthly Beauty Favorites | April 2017


Every time I try something new, I always think about you guys. It’s like calling a girl friend up and telling her the cute things you found! I have always wanted to do more monthly favorites but time flies by so fast. Let’s get right into this…

Tarte – Tartelette Bloom Palette:

I usually have 1 – 2 favorite makeup palettes that I always gravitate towards when doing my eye makeup. I would love to know how it is for other skin type people out there. For me with olive/yellow undertones, I find it extremely challenging to find good reliable makeup. Eyeshadow especially – either doesn’t show on my skin (even with primer) or they look muddy.

When picking out the right palette I look at 3 things:

  1.   The color selection. Are they warm tones? Are the colors wearable and versatile?
  2. The quality of shadows. How pigmented and blend-able are they?
  3. Is the compact packaging practical for usage, storage, travel and photos?

Often times, many makeup palettes miss #2 on my list. Too many shimmers, the pigments are very dusty and the powder doesn’t blend easily. Tarte palettes are always so beautifully made but can be a hit or miss for me. Luckily the Tartelette in Bloom fulfilled all of my needs in a palette. It’s nicely compact, easy for traveling and fits perfectly in my drawl without taking up space. My favorite 2 colors in the palette are “rebel” and “leader”. They stand out and blend smoothly with the other shades included. An extra bonus for me is this palette smells like chocolate! I think this is my Spring/Summer go to palette.



I’ve been so into Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Pigment lip gloss and Makeup Forever High Precision lip pencils. My favorite gloss shades are Bad B/ Mauve Wife / Haterade. Not only do the colors stand out, they aren’t as dry as many matte lip glosses out there. The gloss stays on and colors are so wearable.

I’ve also been wearing Makeup Forever High Precision lip pencils under all my lip gloss or lipstick. My favorite shades are the 11/12/20. I would line my lips and then fill it in with a pencil. It makes a great base and liner. What I like about them is that they don’t bleed or dry out as quick.


BH Cosmetics Makeup Brushes:

I LOVE me some new makeup brushes! This beautiful set of BH cosmetic brushes are officially my go to brushes. They are truly lovely in person. The color of the handles is metallic lilac and the bristles is light grey with a gradient effect. Many makeup brushes are soft but not many brushes can do the job.

I put these brushes to the test a few times and was not disappointed at all. If a makeup brush can pick up product and transfer it onto the skin without many fallouts or blotchiness on my eyes or face than it’s legit.  I have used high end makeup brushes where they feel like kids toy, so these BH brushes are considered amazing!  I also love the fact they all fit into this matching pouch which makes it easy to travel with. The overall design is chic and truly lovely.



As mentioned it’s always a challenge finding a good tone in anything for my complexion. When it comes to my face makeup, I often have to mix my foundations. Currently I have been loving the combination on Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation in 8 golden natural and Shiseido Synchro Skin in Golden 3.

Clinique foundation alone is very icky and not easy to smoothen out. It’s a bit too dark for me and the shade lighter from it was too pink.

Shiseido was too loose in formula and almost felt as a face primer. The shade was extremely on the light side.

The two foundations together balance nicely in shade and texture. I wore it throughout my vacation in Kauai and it looked nice and dewy throughout the day.