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Makeup Library | Bullet Journal Set Up


Hey, Loves!

Sometimes my makeup look can feel a bit redundant. I have so many fun color palettes and lip colors in my makeup drawl but I always gravitate for what’s convenient and what I can remember.

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I thought by creating a library of my favorite wearable makeup looks, it can help me reference back to favorite looks for certain occasions like a wedding, any other special events or even when I travel. All I have to do is state the number of the look in by weekly planning section of my bullet journal and go back to my library when the day comes to prep. This is such a great idea to organize all your favorite looks  and maintain your busy schedule.

Before drawing this I was a bit stuck on the layout. I wanted to create something that would go with the flow of my planner. Day after day, I started and ended with a blank page. I then remembered when I used to do makeup backstage for fashion shows and big events where I wished I jot or noted makeup looks. I then thought of a backstage theme! I love the idea that this can look organize but also effortless.

I kept things very simple and sketched out the curve line of a closed eye and then drew 3 other ones below. Once I got into the rhythm of drawing, I thought about calling this my MAKEUP LIBRARY – VOLUME 1. From there I had a better and clearer vision of how I wanted this to look.

I made arrows pointing to what color is what. I added the makeup products and name of the colors to make sure I can reference off of. By making this look a little rush like what a makeup artist would do backstage, it gives the layout an effortless look. For the application, I used my fingers as it picks up and blends easily. I really love how everything started to come together.

By adding lashes and darker brows, it made all the colors pop. After finishing the eyes, I took out my favorite lip colors that complimented the looks and swatched them on the side.  I used a piece of paper towels to smudge all he colors so that way it doesn’t have to make a mess. Be sure when folding the page to put a paper in between, just in case!

These are all looks I’ve worn in the past, loved but forgotten. It’s good to mix things up a little and try something new. I’m so happy I did this!