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Lovely Easy To Make Hanging Tree Shelf


Hey, Loves! Here’s a lovely easy to make summer home project. This project can take you less than half an hour to make. This hanging shelf will sit perfect near the window, bed or even bath tub. You can hang  all the favorite trinkets or plants on them.

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  1. Slab of wood or tray
  2. Cord (about 2 yards)
  3. Spray metallic paint

Step 1: Spray metallic paint around the trim of your wood. Make sure the top is facing downward to avoid paint from spilling through.

Step 2: Fold the cord twice. You should see one loop end and the cut ends.

Step 3: On the opposite end (where you will hang the shelf to the hook) tie it creating a 2 inch loop or you can cut a separate string (8 inch long) to wrap around it leaving a 2inch loop to peak out.

Step 4: At the other end, repeat the same steps tying all cords together. If you want to cover this and create a fake tassel at the bottom- cut out a few cords in the same measurement as the end. Glue them together and take another cord to glue/wrap it around the knotted area (this is to hide the extra glued in cords).

Step 5: Hang up the cord and insert the wooden self.

I am so in love with this shelf, I think I will make a second to place above the bathtub to hold my favorite bath salts. This was so easy to make and absolutely adorable as a hanging decor.

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