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PLAN WITH ME | June 2017 Bullet Journal


June is going to be a pretty exciting month for me. I will be doing a meetup in LA at Walgreens in Hollywood for my Eylure lashes then traveling to two countries! I don’t do meetups often since there are lots of planning involved but this time it’s in celebration of The Vlogger Series with Eylure and Walgreens. Come by and say Hi, Info below!

When? Thursday, June 08, 2017

Where? Walgreens in Hollywood

You can PIN the photo below!

I’m taking my family to Tokyo, Japan and Chaing Mai, Thailand for all of our first time. It will also be our first time traveling together. We all have different work schedules so planning for something like this is always tricky. I’m really looking forward to experiencing Tokyo and Chaing Mai.

June’s journal setup is inspired by Japanese artist Hokusai – The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. I first learned about Hokusai in high school. I had to pick an artist for a grid project and I wanted to find something Asian inspired. The Great Wave Off Kanagawa caught my attention. I remember I was so caught up in the details of the wave, it took me a week to finish the full drawing in color pencils. It was so worth it.

I originally wanted to find inspiration from both Japan and Thailand for the setup but I felt overwhelmed with ideas. I thought June fits the water theme and maybe I will pick up some new inspiration from Thailand for July’s spread.

For the front, I really wanted to do something that resembles Japan in a traditional way. The Great Wave popped back into my head ever since that project back in high school.  You think I would feel familiar drawing this but I was actually nervous to make the first line again. Once I started with the big wavy silhouette of waves, my momentum quickly picked up and I kept on drawing. Making the small curvy waves was like doodling. After a few you just zone out. Once I finish with spread, I was quite surprise how intricate the painting look.

This month, I decided to start with a big monthly calendar and moved the mind dump to the beginning. I’m a very visual person, so having the calendar laid out this was is super helpful.

After the last two setups of having a page per week, I felt like it was time to change the layout into something more consolidated. I like that this didn’t take me so long and I can view all the weeks activities side by side. I hope this will give me another space for everything I need to do.

In replacement to a self-development page and habit tracker, are my travel itineraries. In these two pages, I can write down flight information to activities and places I want to do. It’s always fun to do this before a trip.

I hope you enjoy my June 2017 Bullet Journal entry!




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  1. Just started following your blog! I also keep a bullet journal. I like the mind dump page idea, can you tell me what sort of things you jot in that space?


    1. thanks Ashly. I dump whatever comes to mind. It’s like a page to exercise your thoughts 🙂

  2. I saw your video in my recommendations, and I’m so glad I watched it. You have totally inspired me to start a bullet journal. What journal do you use?

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