Décor / DIY

How to Make a Crystal Terrarium


It’s amazing how a terrarium can bring a space to life. I love garden terrariums and mineral crystals, why not combine the two?

Materials you will need:

Glass container big enough to make this.

Sand, I like white but use whatever you like!

Air plants, you can find these at your local plant nursery or on Amazon.

Crystals, I’ve seen them in stores like anthroplogie, urban outfitters and even homegoods.


Pour in the sand filling 1/3 of your glass container. I opted for white so the colors can stand out. Get creative and add in the little crystals and air plants. Start with the bigger pieces and end with the smaller pieces. Play around and use different shapes, sizes and texture for a multi dimensional look.


Terrariums are so fun and easy to create. There are so many ways you can get creative. If you ever want to liven up a corner, try making one!