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How to Make a Grounding Stone Mat


After posting up this video, a viewer told me she thought the mat looked very grounding and I cannot agree more. The smoothness of the stones on my barefoot feels incredible and so relaxing. Sometimes when you feel like you’re out of balance wether in your life or spiritually – a great way to feel center and in the moment is with earth’s elements. Why not make a mat filled with polished stones?


  1. Polished Stones can be found at dollar stores, home depot or here: http://bit.ly/2qsXa8g
  2. Cement and rubber glue (multi surface glue)
  3. Mat (I used the back side of a rubber mat because of it’s flat surface)

*Before working on the project, make sure to do this is a well ventilated area. Away from pets and children

Step 1: Make sure the surface of the mat and stones are clean and clear of dust or grease.

Step 2: Pour a generous amount of the cement/rubber glue on a small section of the mat. Place the stones in on top and repeat until the mat is fully covered. Do not touch or move the mat for 24 hours.

Lay the mat outdoors near your garden, inside near your plants or in your bathroom (be careful if slippery) to create a spa like oasis. I just love how the mat can uplift a room into a Zen retreat.




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