Alone In My Thoughts


I find it quite relaxing to spend some alone time at a cafe. In college it was known to be “uncool” to eat by yourself or be seen alone.  The older I get, the more I prefer some time with my thoughts.  It’s important to give yourself attention and process what has been going on in this busy world.  We’re living such a fast paced lifestyle where every day is such a busy day.  I feel as though I give other people more attention than I do for myself.

Being alone is to Face yourself. You can be afraid of who you are or you either want to find out who you are.

Facing yourself is definitely not easy to do. Sometimes you’re faced with the things you want to forget or run away from. It you never take the moment to process the thoughts that may have been bothering you, it will only circle back in another form.  Facing and processing any uneasy feelings can only get better. It’s not instant gratification but it’s the first step to taking back control of yourself.  Don’t let fear become you, face it with a little quiet time and maybe a Matcha latte!  If you can recondition your mind to be more kind, friendly and loving to you and your needs… a little ME time, wouldn’t be so bad after all.

One of my favorite things to do is to discover new cafes. You’re not super alone but you can be left alone to read, write or just sip your drink and be in the moment. I also love to take walks and be under the sun, write in my journal or take a relaxing bath.

When I’m in that moment, I allow it to be a time where I can just listen to the universe.

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  1. Having a moment to yourself, breath In the air, find that creative thought, and loving the moment is the best thing we can do to treat ourselves, whether we are at home in our comfort zone in our creative space or being out enjoying the scent of freshly brewed cafe, it’s still a precious little thing we do to love and reward ourselves! 🙂
    Great post!

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  2. Gr8 post as usual. Also gr8 pictures…loved all of them
    One of my favourite quotes by Steven Aitchison – ” Being Alone has a power that very few people can handle.”
    Being an introvert “Alone Time” has always been my all time favourite. What I love to do mostly when I’m alone is to Journal & get creative with it. Many of them believe that it’s a waste of time to draw in your journal but I don’t agree. I think it’s so Therapeutic. I love to journal especially when I’m alone as it annoys me when someone peeps into my journal.
    Alone time always RECHARGES me.✒☕

    1. Thank you for sharing! I love that quote and I totally agree with you how therapeutic journaling can be.

      1. Taki czas dla siebie faktycznie może być bardzo twórczy, ale wymaga też szczerości względem siebie…bo to i przyjemność i praca nad sobą. Nie można popadać w pychę, ale warto pochylić się nad tym co możemy zmienić w sobie na lepsze, żebyśmy my sami byli szczęśliwi i umieli to szczęście przekazywać dalej. Bo przecież warto rozważać również w takim czasie rzeczy ważne i priorytetowe. Dzięki temu doceniamy życie za każdą jego odsłonę i każdy dzień.

  3. ANN LE you are just amazing …”ALONE IN MY THOUGHTS” is so true … its real in my life atleast till now… i am in love with it … LOVE YAA!!!

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