DIY Botanical Printed Plates


Hi Loves! I’ve been on a DIY break for a couple of months now and it feels so nice to be back with some fresh and exciting DIY projects for you. I came together with 5 DIY projects that are easy and super cute for the home. You can work on these as a quick weekend project or as fun family and friend projects.


Plate that is ready to be refurbish

White Spray Paint : HERE

Copper Spray Paint: HERE

Multi surface green craft paint

Clear spray coating: HERE

Pointed Acrylic brush


Step 1: Clean and spray paint the plates white with about 2 coats (or your desired look). Be sure to let the paint dry completely in between coats.

Step 2: After the paint dries completely, cover the top with masking tape. Do not cover the edges.

Step 3: Spray around the edges with copper paint.


Step 4: After the paint dries, peel off the masking tape. Squirt out about 2 shades of green. Paint a sharp line with the brush stroking upward. Then make many short sharp strokes on the sides. Feel free to go over and refine your lines. It took me a bit of getting used to when I made my first leaf.

Step 5: Protect your artwork with a clear spray.

These decorative plates are super pretty to place on a table near the door entry where you can place your keys or on your desk for smaller items.