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Hey Loves! We made it through 1/3 of the year, how crazy fast is that? This is a great reminder of why everyone should get into journaling. The year flies by and you feel like you haven’t started what you wanted. I’m pretty sure we all accomplished many things in the past few months – however there’s just nothing to track it with and then we forget to give ourselves some kind of credit.

I started my first Entry in April (You can check it out HERE) and it’s been helping me ease back into the swing of things. I’ve always written in journals but I never had a system down which kind of helps but not really.  Creating a system like the bullet journal or an organized agenda can help you get set up in this super fast paced world we are living in today.

If you follow me on Pinterest (HERE). You would probably be familiar with all the greenery, plants and Cacti photos I have been posting.  Plants make me so happy and therefore this month is dedicated to green and cactus plants. Btw, did you know that Cacti, cactuses and cactus are all plural according to the dictionary?

I was very pleased with April’s crystal theme. It turned out beautifully and better than expected. I knew I wanted to paint crystals at some point but it was one of those things that looked super easy and really hard to mimic. I love having one full page dedicated to a week. It was very convenient to plan and a layout I will keep. The vacation page is also fun to make and something I will do with all of my trips. The Mind dump is also another great page to stay consistent with. One thing I will change is the personal development page. I like the concept but I want to switch up the topic into something new to think about.

To make the cactus, I sketched out different shapes I’ve seen in photos and in my home. For color, I used the same water color method since I find it to be the easiest way to color without using too much product. This time around, instead of the micron pen, I used black gel pen to trace out the texture of the different cactus. The gel pen was a good choice! Cactus flowers are amazingly beautiful and colorful and since May is about flowers, I incorporated as much as I can!

For the personal development page, I decided to do a 5- year plan. This is a great way to start brainstorming and putting things down of the plans I’m currently thinking about or has interest in. I may or may not do them, but it’s good to always look back and check on my progress.

I also tweaked my workout log so that way I can create more space to write the workouts and I still have notes below.

The mind dump is still the same except with different artwork.

A new page I added to this month is a habit tracker. I would have never wanted to do this since I didn’t think I needed it- but it was requested by a viewer and I’m not opposed to trying new ideas.  I’m glad I did because while making the chart, I realized how helpful it can be for me. I added reading, home cooked meals, sleep early, clean the house… these are all things I would love to track. It really feels good to not worry about remembering these mini task because they are all on my journal now.


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