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Plan with Me – April 2016 Bullet Journal


Hey Loves! Today is going to be my entrance into the Bullet Journal world. I have always wanted to try out bullet journaling but it’s pretty intimidating when you see how perfect people can make their journals. Seeing all of the entries out there makes me feel like I have a lot to keep up with. My great ancestors are probably cringing from above seeing my hand writing. It’s super inconsistent and sloppy. I’m just amazed how the bullet journal enthusiasts do it! The fact you can be both organized and super creative is what really attracted me to giving this a go. I love all the little doodle arts I’ve been seeing on the internet and I’m very happy that this creative approach to journaling has taken off tremendously. I always loved how creative people were in their journaling and thought that I would never have the time to journal. After reading a study that the average social media user burns 2-3 hours a day just keeping up with updates and scrolling through feeds, I decided to focus and delegate my wasted social media time towards planning.

I have been wanting to try this for a while already but I just was’t sure where to start.  It kind of just happened overnight when I was playing around with some artwork for a video I wanted to film. I have always been journaling but mostly just for taking notes and messy little sketches. My journaling has never been consistent or cohesive in style. While I was drawing and painting I was also thinking over my monthly to do list. That’s when it hit me, why not start my bullet journal now? I can enjoy the meditation of art and then organize all my ideas through fun drawings.


I planned to experiment with a theme for the upcoming months. April is all about Crystals. I love collecting them and the significance they carry. Many ancient cultures have used them for good luck, cleansing energy and chakra healing. Overall I just think they are so darn pretty. Do they have any metaphysical powers? I don’t know but the messages that comes with them are great positive reminders to be kind and gentle to yourself and everyone else. In the video below I explain more in depth how I draw and painted the crystals.

For my planning, I broke it up into 4 weekly pages. I like the idea of consolidating everything onto one page. This way I won’t have to flip back and forth to see all my activities and it wouldn’t feel so scattered, which was my problem with other journals. Breaking the calendar into weekly then monthly is way too busy for me. Maybe I’ll be open to that concept in the future but as for now, I prefer to keep it simple. Everything that you see was hand drawn. Nothing was preprinted.

This first week is my vacation week therefore I decked it out with a map of Kauai and all the activities my family and I would like to experience. Drawing out a map really excited me more to learn about where I’m going and other things I normally would not have done… like researching fun local facts and other local destinations besides what’s on our list of things to do.

I have been hitting the gym regularly like a good girl. By logging my workouts and routines, it will help to keep me on track. I also created a little area below for new workouts that I learned and like to remember.

This last couple of pages are for personal development. On the left is my fear page. Most often we have fear and try to avoid, hide or forget them. I thought it’ll be helpful to write them down, recognize them and see how I can turn them into lessons.

On the right is my mind dump. My mind is incredibly busy and what I know really helps me find clarity is by writing everything down. This is where you won’t find judgment. Write all things random from your thoughts and clear your mind for a fresh new month!

What I love about Bullet Journaling is how flexible and open it is to accommodate how your brain works. Yes, there is a time commitment in learning how yo use it and creating it, but the mindfulness you have and the focus you have as you make your journal your own will dramatically increase your productivity. Planning and journaling is a worthy investment of your time. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


Ann Le /Anneorshine