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Hey Loves! Spring is here and I am so excited! Spring is my favorite season so let’s welcome it with some new home decor, shall we? Recently in youtube land, I did a collaboration with my friends Kelsey and Becky from The Sorry Girls. We did some denim trend DIY projects on my channel (HERE). Over on their channel, we made some cute hanging ring art. Today, I’m going to share with you what I made.

This year I have been taking the minimalistic route and just simplifying everything I have. Moving for the 3rd time here in SoCal opened up my eyes to how many things I don’t need. Scandinavians are known for minimal designs and decor. I love LOVE their aesthetics. I am in the mist of redecorating my home office so my inspiration comes from what I would actually decorate in my office and not get tired of looking at. I also searched Pinterest to make sure this design has not been done. I can’t wait to welcome this new design into the Pinterest world. You can re-pin this as well!


Agate slab with a hole in the center (You can also use anything you like to hang in the center)

Black Yarn (Use any colors of your choice)

Black Pom Pom in different sizes

Black Spray paint

1 x 7 inch ring

1 x 10 inch ring

Step 1: Spray paint the rings in black or wrap it in the yarn.

Step 2: Cut out 3 long pieces of yarn. The length can be base on your personal preference.

Step 3: With a big crafting needle, insert the yarn through your pom pom. Start with the small size and gradually add the next larger size pom pom. To prevent the pom pom from sliding, dab a little clear glue between the pom pom and yarn.

Step 4: Cut out some yarn and wrap the smaller ring to the larger ring. You want about 1 inch coverage and double thickness.

Step 5: Cut out a piece of yarn long enough to loop into your agate slab and tie to the top of your ring. The agate should hang in the center of the smaller ring.

Step 6: Tie the top ends of your pom pom string to the bottom of your larger ring. Cut out any excess yarn and you’re done!

I’m looking at hanging ring art at this moment as I’m typing out this blog post right now. It’s hung right next to my desk and I couldn’t have asked for any other wall art. I really love how the pom pom gives this minimalist look a playfulness and the agate adds in an early touch that goes so well with my plant.

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  1. Wow! This is definitely original. I’ve seen so many recreations from other blog pins but this I have not seen. Great job!

  2. This is so cute! And it looks so modern and minimal too! I’m moving into a new place in a couple months and I’m looking for decor inspirations! I might try this out in white! Thanks Ann! <3

    Jojo |

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