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DIY Denim Lace-up Corset Belt


Hey, Loves! Time for another fashion DIY. As mentioned in my last blog post, I recently collaborated with the talented Sorry Girls on Youtube. For my part of the collaboration we decided to up-cycle old jeans into a current Spring trends that we love. If you know me by now, you know I like to try something different. Cutting and gluing something isn’t enough for my DIY hands. I like to go beyond what people are used to seeing or expect.  Most Youtube people are never ready for this kind of stuff. Different is too scary for many people. They either complain about seeing a DIY already and if it’s not been done, they complain about it being strange.  I’m just happy I have my blog. I feel like the real life seekers (the non-Basic people) are on here looking for inspirations and to think beyond their comfort zone. I’ve seen this trend around on the Jenner sisters and trendy shops but not a DIY version. I hope you’ll enjoy making this and especially wearing them!



Denim or a pair of jeans

Fabric glue

Eyelets (gromets)

String for lacing the belt corset

Step 1: Cut the leg section of your jeans into 3 pieces. The width can be any size you like, the measurement I used is 9 inches.

Step 2: Open up the cut pieces at the inner seams. Make sure the sides  are all even by cutting off any unnecessary excess materials.

Step 3: Pin together the three cut edges and carefully wrap it around your waist. Make any adjustments to fit your desire size. You can cut off extra fabric or add on more.

Step 4: Fold 1 inch on both ends of your belt. Sew or use fabric glue. I prefer fabric glue as it looks seamless.

Step 5: Sew the pinned edges together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Step 6: Mark hole openings for the eyelets along both ends of your belt. I measured mine 1.5 inch apart.

Step 7: Puncture small cut holes through the markings. This will allow the eyelets to go through.

Step 8: The eyelet kit comes with the hardware and instruction to use it. You basically just need to place the outer piece not the eyelet on the base and the inner piece on the opposite. Then with a hammer, press it together.

Step 9: Lace in your belt. I slip my belt on like a skirt, it’s easy and comfortable.