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DIY Copper Ladder Accessory Stand


Here’s another lovely Copper DIY. It’s a great way to add more copper accents into your space and it’s also super practical to hang your accessory!


2 x 10 foot Copper Pipe

Epoxy or metal glue

6 T-findings (You can add as many as you like)

4 Copper End Caps


Step 1:

Measure out and Cut 4 sets of pipe sections  (that’s 8 all together). These are the measurements I used but you can customize yours:

2 x 20 inch sections

6 x 15 inch Pipe sections

Step 2: Connect the pipe sections to the T finding. Use epoxy or metal glue. This will keep it in place and sturdy.

Step 3: Glue on all 4 ends with the copper caps.

Let this set overnight and then you can clean your copper ladder with acetone (nail polish remover). That should remove those weird prints on your copper from the hardware store. To prevent the copper from tarnishing, you can use solvent cleaner like xylene or denatured alcohol. Enjoy this DIY!