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10 Travel Outfits 1 Carry-On Luggage


I have a tendency to over pack more than I need and yet I still feel incomplete. After taking the time to organize my outfits between – what I like to wear walking around town in Thailand to how can I turn the same pieces into something more polished for a day in Tokyo. Planning and prepping definitely help me pack less and maximize what I have. Sure you can pack 10 tops and 10 dresses with you but if you don’t have outfit ideas in mind, you’re just lugging around unnecessary weight. In today’s post you’re going to learn how you can play around with just a few pieces of clothing and still make them look different.

We’re going to style around 4 tops, 3 bottoms, 3 jackets, 2 pair of shoes and 2 handbags.


Pairing 1:

Starting with my favorite everyday look is the relaxed style trench jacket over a simple black and white combo pairing. The jacket is light for Spring but also roomy enough for any extra necessary layering on chilly days. I made sure to pack a printed top to break up from too solid colors. This top is perfect as a under layer or alone. A neck doesn’t take up much space and it can surely switch up your style.

Pairing 2:

This second look shows the dynamic design in my striped top. A great tip to note is pack a versatile design where you can alter the look into something new again.  Denim is always a super fun style to wear in the day. For instance this top can be worn over or off the shoulders.

Pairing 3:

This third look is a more playful version of look two. Adding a jacket, switching the shoes and handbag can flip this look completely to something different.



Pairing 4:

A tee shirt is the ultimate versatile clothing staple. For this look, I have it tucked in to cinch the waist. I swapped the bottom for this denim skirt and light weight burgundy jacket. The boots and cross body chain bag gives this look a step up from low key casual to something fun for a night out.


Pairing 5:

I don’t own a lot of colorful pieces in my closet but I have been really into this orange/red. It’s fun to bring something bright and cheery on a vacation. I thought I start with a tough girl look and so I paired the liquid leggings with this graphic tee.

Pairing 6:

When you’re a tourist, you forget to dress normal. Sometimes I come a across a trendy cafe or shopping area where all the locals are nicely dressed but then I’m in my uncool tourist clothing, sneakers or even better flip flops. This is a combo I wished I packed.


Pairing 7:

Every now and then we just want to relax and be comfortable. This look is that kind of outfit. It’s cute but also practice when you just want to chill and enjoy a coffee.

Pairing 8:

This poofy arm sweatshirt is such a fun design that you can pair it with any bottoms and it’ll take your style up a notch.   The liquid leggings are my ultimate favorite traveling piece. They barely take up packing space are comfortable to wear. The leather finish look makes look like leather pants.




Pairing 9:

Another comfort essential are jeans. You don’t have to pack all the similar styles because there will be no point of mixing and matching. Find a design that is a contrast from your other bottoms. These relaxed ripped jeans just adds a different attitude into the mix.

Pairing 10:

Lets end this last look with the same trench from the beginning. I am in love with this pairing. It’s casual, hip and effortless. All these pieces are staple items in my closet and just with some mixing and matching, you can pull off a total different look.


Okay so how am I going to pack all this into a small carry on luggage? Watch me!

I will show you how I fit everything I need for a weeks trip in my Louis Vuitton Neo Eole 55 Carry on bag.

The first things I set aside are my heaviest or bulky items like my long jacket, jeans, and sweatshirt. Those are the items I will wear throughout the commute. Remember you are also consider valuable space for the clothing options you want to bring. So layer up if you can!

For toiletries and makeup, I limit myself to 2 nylon travel bags. In there I have everything I need travel size.

Something that helps me organize all clothing so that way I know where everything is kept are garment pouches. I found these cute pink zip pouches from my local Daiso Japanese dollar store (You can all find something similar here:

I have 4 bags all together. 1 for my underwear, bras and socks, the other 2 are for my jackets, tops and my 2 sleep lounge set of clothing. The tricks to maximizing your outfit options are to use light materials that can be layered and folded, neutral tones that compliments each other, and a couple of versatile to basic designs.

Since I am wearing 2 pairs of shoes, one of them will have to be pack.


First pack with the bulky pieces like the shoes, makeup and toiletry bag. Next put the the foldable/squishy items. For instance I’m using my underwear bag and handbag to place between tight areas in my carry-on luggage. Lastly I placed in my stuffed garment pouches and voila! Everything fits!


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