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Goodbye Gold, Hello Copper


Last week I was in Target. Every time I’m there I like to stop by the home furniture section to see kind of displays they have up. Target always know what’s up. When I saw they had a right shelf dedicated to Gold accent decor pieces and the left shelf had Copper, it became clear that gold is no longer relevant to me.  Gold had it’s moment for the last 2 years and this year it’s time for copper to go all out in full force.  I had my gold moment and if you’re still enjoying your, there is nothing wrong with it! It’s all a matter of opinion and style. My style is transforming constantly and I’m going through my copper phase. Copper has a very distinct and mystery to it. It stands out without taking away attention from everything else in the room.  It looks effortless and less gaudy when you have more than 1 statement pieces in one room. It’s shiny, cold but also warms up a room.

This coffee table set the the perfect androgynous statement piece for a couple living together.

Source: http://bit.ly/2lRBIYj


If you have invested into some gold furniture like a side chair, don’t worry! A little spray painting magic will flip your once gaudy gold furniture to a sexy one of kind chair!


Here is a gorgeous lamp bringing life into a monochromatic grey space.

source: http://bit.ly/2lQlboh

Here is a lovely way to incorporate copper with other metals. This is the perfect example you don’t have to only stick to copper. Mixing the tones looks more interesting and less over the top.

Copper can look cozy.