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False Lashes 101 | Everything You Need to Know


In my last post I have shared with you all something very exciting happening in my life. If you missed that post, well… I just came out with some lash designs in collaboration with Eylure! I designed two exclusive styles for Eylure along with 3 other Youtube influencers (see the article HERE). The lashes are now exclusively available in Walgreens and online. This is very exciting to me as I’ve always been an avid lash wearer and Eylure fan. I’m really thankful for the opportunity. In celebration and to compliment the launch I wanted to share with you this False Lash 101 Guide. It’s everything you need to know. These are all the tips and tricks I picked up along the years of wearing false lashes. I absolutely love wearing them for special occasions, photos, videos or just to get an extra pop to my look.

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Eylure Ann Le anneorshine False Lashes So Lovely So Fancy Walgreens Nicole Guerrero, Nikki Phillippi, Sarai (KrazyRayRay)

False lashes 101 Eylure How to Ann Le the vlogger series PIN Nicole Guerrero, Nikki Phillippi, Sarai (KrazyRayRay)

  1. What Style Works For Your Eye Type?

There are so many varieties of eye shapes out there.  You can be a mix of hooded and wide set or close and deep set.  We’re all so wonderfully unique so I’m going to cover just the most common eye types.

Close Set Eyes: When the width between the eyes are less than one eye apart. The eyes are more close to the center. When finding lashes for this eye shape, you want less length on the inner corner to create a balanced illusion.

close set eyes ANN LE Lifeannstyle Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

close_set_eyes_example 2

close_set_eyes_example 1

Wide Set Eyes: When the eyes are more than one eye width apart.  False lashes with length in the inner corners and less on the outer corners will bring out the eyes and lessen the wide width apart.

wide set eyes Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

wide set 1

Hooded Lids: This is when your lids fold over your crease. Some people can see a little crease and some may not be able to see any lids. I have hooded lids and I would say it’s the trickiest to do your makeup but the right lashes will help make your eyes pop tremendously.  There are so many cute lashes out there but it doesn’t mean it will work for you. When I look for lashes, I want length in the mid section with fullness and for the lash strands to curl upwards.

hooded lids Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

hooded 1

hooded 2

Mono Lids: These lids have no crease. Depending if you are also close or wide set, those with mono lids can have fun with lengthy full lashes. You want lashes that sweep upwards and long enough to see especially in the mid section of the eyes.

mono lids Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

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My Friend Claire Marshall from HeyClaire

2) How To Find the Right Fit

Just like a good pair of jeans, you want your false lashes to fit comfortably and perk up your eyes! Eyelashes can be cute but if they are uncomfortable then there really is no point in wearing them. When I was a newb to eyelashes, I had thought you get what you get and you don’t get upset.  I had no idea you can actually personalize them. When taking your new lashes out the box, make sure to size them properly. Hold each lash up to your lids and start by matching the inner corner with your natural inner corner and lash line. On the excess length, pinch where your natural lash line ends on your falsies.  This is where you need to trim them.

how to customize false lashes Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series


3) How to Cut Your Lashes

After finding where your natural lash line ends on your falsies, cut it. Trim small increments at a time until you reach your desired length. It’s always easier to trim off more then try to add back length. False lashes down’t grow back! Be sure to also trim or round off any sharp edges. I recommend that you test fit the lash by placing it up against your lid. Wiggle it to see if it feels comfortable. Make any adjustments until it feels comfy.


4) How to Apply Glue

This part always seemed like magic to me until I figured out the right technique.  Most folks apply glue to the inside of the band. Often, this will allow the lashes to droop on the lid and give a sleepy look.  Here is my tip, apply glue to the top of the band and also on the inside. Doing this pulls the lashes up on the lids and really helps your eyes pop! You don’t want “Snuffy” lashes right? After applying the glue, wait for it to feel tacky then place it on to the lid upward unless you want it lower.

how to apply glue Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series So Fancy

Ok, look at the image below, notice on your right how droopy my false lash looks.  Snuffy action right?  This is because I added the lash glue on the inside only. It’s a huge difference on what proper gluing can do to your eyes!

False Lashes Lash dos dont Eylure Ann Le anneorshine False Lashes So Lovely So Fancy Walgrees Nicole Guerrero, Nikki Phillippi, Sarai (KrazyRayRay)

If you want to blend your false lashes. I highly suggest to curl your natural lashes first, then apply mascara and finally stick the lashes on. If you apply mascara on your false lashes, it can ruin them and you won’t be able to reuse them without a lot of cleaning.

Ann Le Eylure Lashes The Vlogger Series So Fancy anneorshine


5) How to Remove Lashes

If you want to prevent premature sagging and wrinkles, be gentle around your eyes.  The skin around your eyes is very sensitive and delicate.  Treat it like an expensive silky dress. You want to gently and slowly peel your false lash downward. Do not yank your lashes off.

how to remove false lashes Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

How to remove false lash Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series 2


How to Remove Glue to Reuse Later

I find removing stubborn lash glue with a tweezer is very effective.  Do this after every use otherwise the glue will build up and look chunky along the the lash bands. For false lashes with delicate bands, you can cut the glue off using a mini scissor. It will prevent you from pulling and tugging which may rip the eyelash band from the lashes.

how to remove glue on false lashes Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

Remove cut glue from false lashes Ann Le Eylure Vlogger Series

I hope you find all my tips helpful and you will get to enjoy your lashes!




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