Halloween DIY Hair Accessories



Hello again 💓

As a part of my Halloween collection series, I’m going to share with you two of my Halloween hair accessory DIYs! These DIYs are great foundational pieces for any costume, whether it’s something simple like a bohemian princess, or something more elaborate like a fawn, either of these accessories can help you achieve the perfect Halloween look. Let’s jump right into it! For DIY click HERE



Last year I saw a lot of fawn make-up looks populating online for Halloween. I was so inspired that I thought I would go above and beyond and create a simple DIY headband to match! This particular DIY works with polymer clay which is actually very simple to work with and great for those of you that want to shape your antlers into a specific shape (These antlers are also beautiful for Christmas! Only a month or so away from Halloween!). Pair this DIY with a fawn makeup look of your choice for the ultimate doe-eyed costume! For DIY click HERE



Right before the fall/halloween season is festival season! Repurpose your festival outfits by adding statement accessories like my Bohemian-style Princess jewelry DIY. A few years ago, I was inspired by Nicole Richie’s Indian-inspired hair jewelry, and decided to recreate that look. This hair accessory is the perfect way to opt out of wearing a full costume, but still participate in the Halloween festivities. And if you do want to dress up, you can always transform this base piece by dressing up as a princess, witch or any character that requires a head piece! Let your imagination run wild! For DIY click HERE



How many of you guys use the floral headband snapchat filter? It’s definitely a favorite of mine. Bring that snapchat filter to life by creating your very own DIY floral crown! You can even create different designs using different flowers to fit the look you’re going for. This hair accessory is perfect for those that want to make a reference to today’s social media culture as well as dress up in “costume” for halloween! Get creative with this and have fun! For DIY click HERE

I would always see head pieces like these being sold in store, and it inspired me to create me own at home! I definitely feel much more satisfied with pieces that I make myself because I can customize them based on my own preference. Which DIY did you guys like best? Let me know in the comments below!