Work Beauty Essentials


Hi loves!

Today I’m going to share with you my seven favorite beauty essentials for this fall season!


I created this list more for those that are working long, 8-hour days. There are plenty of make-up blogs and videos out there, and while they’re extremely helpful for casual or nighttime looks, I never really found any that translated well into the professional setting. I used to work in an office and even managed one at one point, so I know how it feels! I remember sitting at my desk, looking at the clock mid-day, and feeling like my make-up was melting off my face! My mascara was irritating my eye, my foundation was rubbing off, it was just a mess.

I wanna save you the time and inconvenience of having to re-do your makeup! The feeling of not knowing what to do when your schedule is crammed and you’re on the go is the worst. These hacks will come in handy whether you’re going from one meeting to the next, or on the road, heading to meet up with someone after work. So here are a few things I have to have with me when I’m at the office all week!


First things first— Primer! Having a good primer is like having a good base before you apply your makeup in the morning. This is what’s going to keep your makeup on for most of the day, so needless to say, it’s crucial!

A primer that I love to use is the Smashbox Photo Finish in Light! I use this primer whenever I have to film all day because it keeps my makeup intact and looks flawless both on and off camera. The first step to any great look is a great primer!


A good eyelid primer is especially important if you wear a lot of eyeshadows or are tying to achieve a look that has vibrant colors. Eyelid primers are generally important if you want to prevent your eyeshadow from creasing, whether you’re doing a more natural look or a heavy, nighttime look.

For my eyelids, I like to use Benefit’s Lemon-Aid Eyelid Primer. The great thing about this primer is that it’s also a color-corrector, which means it hides any redness or discoloration that I have on my eyelids. Whenever I forget to wear my eye primer, my color doesn’t stay on, my eyeshadow creases, and the color just doesn’t pop like it normally would if I would have applied the primer beforehand. I absolutely recommending investing in purchasing an eyelid primer and putting in the extra time in the morning to apply it to your eyelids. This primer in particular glides right on, it’s so easy to apply!



Some people use concealers as a primer, but the formulas in primers and concealers can be different, so I usually stick to primers for priming and concealers for concealing. After applying primer, I use my concealer to hide any old (or new) blemishes or light discoloration I may have in my face.

I’m  currently using Maybelline’s Master Conceal in 40 Medium. It’s comparable to Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD concealer, which is aaaamazing, but if you’re looking for something that’s half the price, the Maybelline concealer is a great, affordable alternative. If you want something buildabe that offers a lot of coverage, either of these products can get the job done!



While I typically use more coverage when I’m filming, I don’t like to use heavy make-up throughout the day. If you’re looking for something more on the lightweight side, Too Faced: Born this Way is my go-to concealer for everyday use. It’s so refreshing! The concealer is infused with coconut water and even has a pretty coconut scent. I loved using this throughout this past summer, but I’ve fallen in love with it so much that it’s still a part of my regimen for this fall season. I typically apply it under my eyes for a nice, bright look!




Just like the concealers, I have both lightweight and full-coverage foundation!


I’m currently using Maybelline’s Dream Velvet Foundation in 40 Nude. This foundation is saving my life right now because it’s so hot in California! In my opinion, the foundation is lightweight, but can give a medium to full coverage depending on how much you build on. What I love most about this foundation is that it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It has a really smooth application and doesn’t feel thick even with the under layer of the primer.

If you’re looking for more coverage in your foundation, Milani’s Conceal + Perfect (I use it in 02 Natural) has a really good formula that will hide any “imperfections” you may have. I have combination, oily skin, and after a few hours my make-up usually starts to come off. This foundation is on the heavier side, but it does stay on evenly for long periods of time! Overall, I would still recommend this for nighttime use, and stick to something more lightweight for everyday use.

For those of you that have been watching my channel for a while, you know that my Missha BB Cream in No. 27 is my ultimate favorite! I mix this BB cream with my foundation to achieve a similar tone to my natural face. What’s awesome is that the BB cream already has SPF, so since the Maybelline foundation doesn’t offer that, I can use the BB cream to moisturize my face but still maintain a lightweight coverage if I wanted.


I also want to share with you a foundation powder I’ve really come to adore! It’s called Physician Formula Youthful Wear in Beige. I really love the finish this powder gives me, especially when I’m taking a selfie! It gives me a nice air-brushed look and the application is velvety soft. I’m not too crazy about the packaging because of the way it’s structured, but I do love the formula! Check it out if you’re looking for something that’s going to give you a subtle glow. I pair this powder with Maybelline’s Dream Velvet. It’s a match made in makeup heaven!



I have super sensitive eyes! If the A/C turns on and is aimed towards my face, or if there’s wind while I’m walking to get lunch, my eyes get super watery and I rub off all of my eye makeup. All my hard work is ruined in an instant! Thankfully, I discovered these two eyeliners this year.


MAC’s Liquid Last Liner and Milani’s Infinite Liquid Liner last all day! For me, eyeliners never last on my eyes, or they never look dark enough, so these are perfect if you’re looking for a nice jet-black liner that will stay on your eyes for a couple days (lol, because these products will literally not come off, you’ll definitely need a good makeup remover).


I love blush! It gives you instant color, it make you look happy and it just brings life to your face!

As the weather and climate change during fall transition, I switch up my make-up and go for something more moisturizing. Cream blush is perfect for this time of year! I’m currently using Honest’s Cheek Palette in Falling for You. The colors in this palette are gorgeous! Theres a soft, rosy pink color as well as a darker plum. Not to mention a beautiful highlighter! I apply the highlighter with my finger on the apples of my cheeks, the inner corners of my eyes, and the tip of my nose. Both the blush and the highlighter are subtle accents, but they make a huge difference to my overall look! This is a great way to give you life throughout your work day!


Spray Mist

The best fix is a quick fix— at least when it comes to getting rid of oily patches on your face! I use a misting spray to hydrate my skin when I’m in the office all day.

Pixi by Petra offers a featherlight mist that instantly nourishes my skin. It has various vitamins and amino acids that are essential to the health of your skin and is great to introduce to your make-up regimen if you haven’t already met those needs. So instead of blotting tissues, this spray is perfect for  keeping in your bag or on your desk! Just spray it on your face and take a tissue to dab away the excess. You’re make-up will look less oily and you’ll feel instantly refreshed!



Lastly, I want to talk about eyebrows! Having good eyebrows are really important to me because it frames and enhances the shape of my eye.

A couple of eyebrow products I’m currently using is Colourpop’s Pomade in Dope Taupe and Benefit’s Goof Proof Brown Pencil in No. 4. Colourpop’s pomade is close to the Anastasia gel I use, but it’s definitely more affordable! Application is super simple! I use an angular brush for the pomade in order to achieve a really clean brow-look. I actually use two different shades for my brows. I use the darker shade on the ends of my eyebrows andI go over the darker shade with my Colourpop pomade for a gradient look. To lighten up the corner’s I use Benefit’s brow pencil to finish things off. I really love the pencil, not only for the beautiful packaging, but because of the brush at the opposite end from the angled brown pencil. I always brush out my eyebrows after applying the product to get rid of any harsh lines and to blend in both products!


If you want to look fresh throughout the day, keep these products in your make-up bag or around your office space. A little goes a long way, and putting even the slightest effort into how you look will definitely help boost your mood throughout the day.

It’ll even keep you from being paranoid about your eyebrow make-up coming off or your make-up melting! I use to feel paranoid if I was in a meeting and I was talking to someone later in the afternoon. I’d think to myself, “Oh my god! They’re going to see how messy my makeup is!” or “My make up is melting off!”— all that kind of stuff. That would bother me so much whether people even really noticed or not! It’s jut not something you want to have to worry about. You want to feel good, so you can carry on with the bigger things, go about your business, and enjoy your day!

So try these tips and hacks out and let me know if you have any of your own in the comments below!