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What better way to start off your week than with an easy-to-make, vegan sloppy joe! This recipe has been a family favorite in our household for a while, so I brought Vincent onto my channel to help out with this recipe.

Vegan sloppy joe’s are especially great for anyone who doesn’t like to eat red meat because although you still get the savory flavor that is similar to meat, you’re actually eating a much healthier version. But vegetarian or not, this recipe is something you’re going to love! It’s so delicious and very simple to follow! Let’s dive right into the ingredients right after the break 😃.


Nutritional yeast. The great thing about nutritional yeast is that there are a lot of essential amino acids and B vitamins. You can actually add this to almost any dish that calls for yeast. It’s a great way to add nutritional value!

Trader Joe’s Organic Marinara Sauce. This will be used as our base for the sloppy joe mixture.

Diced purple onions. You can always swap these out for white or yellow onions if you want a sweeter taste.

Trader Joe’s Meatless Metballs. You can also use veggie patties and mash them up or the already ground veggie beef as an alternative.

Trader Joe’s Mini Sesame Seed Buns. The mini sesame seed buns are great way to establish portion control, but you can always opt for a regular sized bun at your local grocery store.

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To start things off we’re going to toast our sesame buns on a pan using low heat and at the same time heat up olive oil in a separate pan.

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Once the olive oil is hot, add and cook the onions on medium heat until they’re golden brown.

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After the onions have turned a golden brown, add in the meatless meatballs (or the alternative veggie patties) and cover the pan with a lid so to slow cook the meat. Slow cooking the veggie meat will allow the onions to really combine with the flavor that’s already in the meatballs!

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Once the meatballs are tender, mash them up while they’re still in the pan.


Add a little over a half a jar of your marinara sauce into your meatball and onion mix.


Then add 2 Tbsp. of the nutritional yeast to the pan and thoroughly mix everything in the pan together.

015 016

Vincent loves heating the mini sesame seed buns to the point where they’re extra toasty. This adds a great crunchy texture to the sloppy joe! Yum!


Take the sloppy joe mixture off the heat and let it cool for 5 minutes before placing onto the sesame seeds buns.

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All that’s left is adding your meatball mixture onto the sesame seed buns and you’re all ready to eat and enjoy!

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Now how quick was that? You can even add in a little extra salt or taco seasoning, which I  do pretty often 😁. We also normally add cheese to our sloppy joe’s (Daiya cheese is a great vegetarian alternative), but the sloppy joe mix has more than enough flavor so that you can eat it on it’s own!

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I would make these all the time back in Massachusetts, and people would think I was so weird for eating vegetarian-style dishes! Now that people are more health conscious, I’m confident that this recipe will be a great go-to for vegetarians and non-vegeterians alike.

If you have any vegetarian or vegan recipes to share, comment below! I’d love to try them out! And for those of you that do try out this recipe, let me know how you personalized your sloppy joe 🍔😋!







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  1. OMG so awesome that you have a vegan recipe up!! And this is a good one, definitely going to try this out. I remember seeing in a video a while back that you’re in the Boston area… are you still? I’m moving to Waltham!

  2. Also, where is the soba shirt from?? I need to have it! We eat so much noodles in our household 🙂

    Please post more vegan recipes!!

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