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Time to Switch your Travel Routine


Hi Loves!

Do you ever get that tingle sensation on your legs or on your back as if a spider is crawling on you? That’s the worst feeling! Sometimes it’s a stray hair but most of the time it’s because of dry skin.  I normally like to use a body brush whenever I feel the tingly sensation on me, but that can be a bit rough on my skin.

Last week I had to make a trip out of town for work and luckily, I recently partnered with Dove who sent over a few bottles of their Deep Moisture body wash to try. The body soap I used to use at the time was very watery and not easy to pack. I poured some of the Dove Deep Moisture body wash into my travel sized container and brought it with me.



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Packed and ready!

Changing seasons and weather conditions, especially when traveling can take a toll on your skin. Sometimes the change of climate can prevent your skin from retaining moisture and therefore leave it dry and rough. When traveling, it’s easy to forget your favorite moisturizers or something odd like a body brush (because everyone carries that around right?) at home. My skin gets super dehydrated and that annoying itch would come back.

The first night I tried Dove Deep Moisture body wash, I went to bed without a tingle. I didn’t take notice until the second night that I wasn’t twitching around to dust off an imaginary bug. It was nice to not feel paranoid or uncomfortable throughout the day.


Did you know that some body washes contain the same skin drying cleansers found in dish soap? Dove Deep Moisturize Body Wash features NutriumMoisture technology which is mild and gentle while cleansing the skin. Dove replaces the skin nutrients that other cleansers may have stripped off like essential lipids and proteins. My cleansers must have been really good at cleaning but not replenishing my skin essential nutrients. The Dove body wash definitely made my skin feel and look soft again. I’m happy I brought it with that week!

Are you wondering where to get this body wash? Go to:

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FTC: Thank you Dove for supporting my blog and sponsoring this post.  Everything shared has been tested by me.  I only share what I would recommend to my family and readers. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love how clean your room looks! I would have forgotten to switch out my old toiletries from this summer. Thanks for the reminder!

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