DIY Taco Costume | Family Halloween


Hi loves!

For this Halloween season, I’ve decided to make two Taco costumes! Not ONE but TWO!!!  The first is perfect for those of you that don’t want to dress up in a full costume and the other one is great for anyone that want to go all out and have some fun!

If you love tacos, why not turn into one? Haha! The two variations I made is a taco top and the 2nd is a life-size taco. These costumes are both super simple to make and you can even add your own “ingredients” to make your costume your own. Let’s jump right into it!





Blank, Solid-colored Sweatshirt—You can use any style of basic, solid-colored top, but a sweatshirt works best!

Yellow Felt—You can purchase this at your local craft store.

Scissors—You’ll need this to cut out your taco shell and the taco fillings!

Green, Black, Red and White Fleece—Gather various colors of felt to create your taco fillings!

Velcro Strips—You can purchase this at your local craft store.

Hot Glue—You’ll need a hot glue gun to glue the taco shell and the ingredients onto your top.



First, find a basic, solid-colored sweatshirt for you to glue your taco onto.


I’m using a yellow felt material to create the taco shell, but you can also use yellow fleece! Lay the material on top of the sweatshirt so that you can get an idea of where you want to create your taco!


On the wrong side of your fabric, trace out your taco shell and then cut it out.


Flip it with the right side up and wrap it around one side of your sweatshirt. We’re halfway done!

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With some colorful fleece, cut out different shapes and sizes to create the filling for your taco. Lay out the pieces on top of the sweatshirt (underneath the taco shell) and create your desired design, this is my favorite part because you can be super creative!

051 052 053 054

Now I’m going to glue velcro onto my shirt so that my taco can open and close! For the back, I’m going to glue the entire taco shell onto the sweatshirt, omitting the velcro strips. Once everything is dried, you’re sweatshirt is ready to wear! Pair this with simple black jeans or leggings and some comfy shoes for a night of trick-or-treating!




Large Sheet of Paper—You’re going to need at least one large sheet of paper to create the taco stencil.

Large Piece of Cardboard—You’re going to need a large piece of cardboard to create your life-sized taco costume!

Box Cutter—You’ll need a box cutter to cut off the excess cardboard.

Fabric Glue + Optional Sponge Brush*—You’ll need these items to glue the felt onto your cardboard.

Hot Glue Gun—You’ll use this to secure the smaller pieces of felt onto your costume.

Brown Paint—For a “toasty” taco shell, you’ll need brown paint!



Start off by creating a taco stencil for you to trace onto your cardboard. Once you’ve created your stencil, transfer the shape onto your cardboard by outlining it with a pencil or marker on one side of the cardboard. Remember, you are going to be in the center of the taco, so leave enough room so that you can unfold the other half of the taco onto your cardboard (Important Tip: Make sure that the width and height are proportioned to your body by taking your measurements beforehand!).


Next, draw the other half of your taco onto the other side of the cardboard. Then at the center of your taco outline, draw a circle large enough for your arm to fit through. I made my circle about 2-3 inches below the edge of my taco.


With a box cutter, cut out your taco outline as well as the arm-hole.


Turn your taco over so that your outline markings are no longer showing. Then, spread a generous amount of fabric glue onto the surface. You can spread out the glue using a sponge brush for better application.


Lay out your yellow fabric onto the cardboard taco and flatten out any air bubbles that may have formed. Next, cut out the excess fabric, leaving enough fabric to fold and cover the edges of the opposite side.

Flip over your cardboard taco and begin hot-glueing the excess fabric inwards. Really take your time and do it section by section if need be! I burned myself a couple times, so make sure to be careful when handling a hot glue gun!


Now it’s time to have a little mini-fiesta! This is the part of the DIY where you can get really creative and add different colors of fabric to portray different ingredients in your taco!


I love adding veggies, salsa, and sour cream to my tacos, so I used two different shades of green fabric as well as red and white to mimic those ingredients!  014

If you want your taco to look a little toasted, lightly dust some brown paint onto the edges using a diagonal stroke! This will give it that crispy, toasty look. I’m getting hungry just looking at it!


Lastly, I’m going to add shoulder straps to the inside of my taco. Start off my cutting out straps from your leftover fabric and make sure to measure the length of the fabric so that it can fit comfortably around your shoulders! Then, hot glue the straps inside the taco and let them dry. Don’t worry about the sturdiness of the straps, the hot glue holds well if you allow it to dry properly! I tested this to make sure ☺️

I had so much fun creating these costumes! Not only are they great for this halloween season, but they’re also really simple to make and are perfect if you need to whip something up last-minute! Which taco costume is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! I can’t wait to see your guys’ version of these DIY taco costumes ☺️