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DIY LED Light Box



Hi loves!

I hope your Labor Day weekend went well ☺️ This past Saturday I worked on a new DIY project, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

I’ve been really drawn to the LED light box home decor trend that’s circulating right now. The old-fashioned, industrial-style light box translates so well as contemporary home decor, so naturally I had to make one for myself! It looks complicated to make given that there are several components, but my version of this DIY light box is super simple to follow and totally worth it! Here’s what you’ll need:


Shadow Box — You can purchase this at your local craft store.

White, matte spray paint — I purchased my spray paint at Home Depot.

Painter’s tape — You’ll be using this to cover the frame of the shadow box.

A set of card sleeves — The number of card sleeves depends on how many letters you’ll be using for your light box.

Ruler — This definitely helps achieve cleaner, crisp lines!

Exacto knife — A must for this DIY.

4 tile caps — You can purchase these at your local home improvement store.

Scissors — Make sure your scissors can cut clean lines!

E6000 glue — I use hot glue in the DIY video, but I definitely recommend E6000 glue instead.

Aluminum foil — I also use reflective lining in my video, but aluminum foil works much better.

LED lights — I purchased my LED lights from Ikea.

Saw — I know, I know 😁 but don’t worry, you’ll only be using it for a small portion of this DIY!



002 003

To get started, you’re going to need a shadow box with a good amount of depth, like I stated in the “Materials” section, you can purchase one at your local craft store.


If you can remove the glass from your shadow box, remove it, if it’s already set in like mine, start off by covering the frame with painter’s tape.


Then make sure to clean the glass to prevent bubbles once you begin to spray paint.

005 006 007

Once the glass is clean you’re ready to spray paint! I used a white, matte spray paint for this light box. For the first coat of paint you want to hold your spray paint bottle about a foot and a half away from the surface, lightly dusting the surface with the spray paint.


After your first coat you should wait a couple of hours before applying the second coat. While that’s drying, you can move onto the other section of this DIY!


Let’s work on the letter cards! Eric plays Magic: The Gathering a lot, so he has a lot of card sleeves. I used the hard card sleeves because they’re durable and their structure allows them to hold up well. Eric doesn’t know about this, so I guess he’ll find out once this video/blog goes up, haha, sssssshh! 010 011

Cut the sides of the sleeves (where the seam is) so that you end up with two pieces. You can also use any other plastic sheets*, I just found that the card sleeves worked best when it came to the look I was a trying to achieve for my light box.

012 013


You want these cards to look nice, neat and consistent in size! So in order to make clean lines on all four sides, take out your ruler and an exacto knife and trim the cards so that they’re symmetrical. I made all my cards 2×4 (5/08 x 10.16 cm).

015 016

Moving on to the letters (the letters can be purchased at your local improvement store as well)!

017 018 019 020


The way I place the letters on the card is by starting with one card sleeve and plain the first letter onto that sleeve, then with another blank, transparent card I place it on top of the esxisting card with the letter, then I place my second letter on top of the blank card so that all the letters have the same placement. It’s all about alignment, so you’ll need a steady hand when it comes to this one!


Back to the light box! Now we’re going to create some slots for the letter cards to fit into.


The tile cap I purchased is an 8-foot piece. I’m going to cut this up according to the width of the light box.


Begin by measuring the light box, then apply that measurement to the tile cap with a Sharpie.

025 026 027

After you make your mark on the tile cap, use a blade or a pair of scissors to dent the tile cap, then use your hands to break off the pieces! Piece of cake!

028 029


Because my box isn’t big, I’m going to slit the excess plastic off of the tile cap so that the letters show more once they’re displayed inside (if you did purchase a shadow box that is large in size, you can skip this part*).

031 032

033 034 035


Now I’m going to make some marks so I know where to glue the tile slots. I use hot glue in the video, but I recommend using E6000 since it holds a lot better. I actually had to go back with E6000 during this DIY because the hot glue didn’t hold on as well as I hoped. It’s okay though, because now I can confidently recommend the right materials to you 😉.


For the back of the box, I lined it with glitter, reflective paper, but I reccomend aluminum foil because it reflect better in the light. Another trail and error experience during this DIY, but again, it’s all for the better!

038 039

Next, I used LED lights from Ikea on top of the reflective material (aluminum foil) and glued them down with hot glue.


Then, I lined the inside of the frame with foil and re-lined the back of the frame with foil as well.


Make sure to flatten the extra wires against the box!

042 043


And now for the part that almost gave everyone a heart-attack, I sawed off a corner of the light box so that the wire could go through! It’s actually a lot easier than it looks, haha.



Re-assemble the shadow box and your DIY LED light box is ready for use!

Super easy to follow, right? I really love this home décor trend because you can change the words around and personalize this modern home décor piece in any which way you like! Share your version of this DIY LED light box below! I’d love to see how it turned out 😍