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DIY Chokers | Dainty & Bold


If you were born in the 90’s, then you know Clueless. This film not only coined “valley-girl” terminology, but also contributed to the now, thriving choker trend.


Image credit: Buzzfeed

I’m going to be completely honest with you, Clueless is definitely one of my all times faves. It’s a classic– and whether or not the wardrobe designers knew it, they put chokers back on the map (then and now). I’ve been anticipating this trend for the past few years now, but the funny thing is, chokers actually date back to ancient times and have been spotted on queens, ballerinas, and French revolutionists alike. It’s evolved and translated over the decades. What started off as a red-ribbon-homage turned into precious rubies, which turned into the tattoo choker, which turned into an entire runway of models rocking this trend at PFW earlier this year (Buzzfeed)!

When this trend reappeared on the fashion scene, I didn’t care too much for it because it seemed to cater more towards the younger crowd; however, as the dainty, layered choker look began to populate, I fell in love instantly. There’s something about delicate, lady-like accessories that sweep me off my feet.


Image credit: Ventrone Chronicles

Needless to say, I’m obsessed, and while the thick, bold choker comes in close second, the layered, delicate choker look is my go-to. It’s subtle, stylish and transitions effortlessly— the perfect accessory. Fortunately enough, I have DIYs for both styles! Let’s get started 😊

DAINTY STYLE | from necklace to choker

I had this really long beaded necklace that I stopped wearing because I didn’t like the length, so I up-cycled it into a choker! I’m sure some of you have that tangled-up necklace in the bottom of your jewelry box. Well this is the perfect opportunity to de-tangle and transform it into something you can translate into everyday wear!



A long-chain necklace

Measuring tape

Jewelry wire cutters

Jewelry pliers

A necklace clasp — (if your necklace doesn’t already have one)


First, lay the necklace out on a flat surface.


Measure out your neck with the measuring tape ruler. A comfortable wrap around my neck is about 12″. I added about another half inch so that the necklace wouldn’t fit too snug.

002 003 004

Snip off one end of the necklace with your wire cutters. Repeat this step but on the opposite side of your measurement. You should now have a necklace chain that is about 12 1/2″ long (depending on the measurement of your neck)! Wrap the chain around your neck one more time to ensure it fits comfortably 😊. 005 006

Remember, you can reuse the clasp from the already existing necklace (if there is no clasp, you can purchase one at your local craft store).

007 008 009

Using my jewelry pliers, I open up the hole at the bottom of the necklace clasp and attach it to one end of the necklace chain.


If the other end of the chain does not have a jump ring, you can also purchase one from your local craft store. Once you have a jump ring and a clasp, connect the two and enjoy! You can also layer your delicate choker with other necklaces for a more stylized look! For this type of choker, I would layer it with other dainty chains of various lengths. By staying within the same style of chain, you can maintain that cute, chic feel!


You can also re-use the extra necklace chain to make chokers for your friends, or re-purpose the longer chain into a necklace to layer with the choker you just made! Super cute gift idea 😉







Jewelry wire cutters

Jump ring

Necklace clasp

Two jewelry pliers



013 014 015 016 017

Using wire from my local craft store, I lace the wire through the last hole on the necklace chain and loop it into the jump ring, connecting the two.


I close/tighten the wire using two pliers.

019 020 021

Then I use the wire cutters to get rid of the excess wire.

022 024 023 024

(Quick tip: If you like, you can add more jump rings to the already existing jump ring to add length). On the opposite side, I insert the wire into the chain once again, but this time adding the necklace clasp.

025 026

Once you cut off the excess wire, your chain is all set for you to wear, layer or stack however you like! I would style these necklaces with a top that’s low cut, so that I could really showcase the accessories (and all that hard work!).



BOLD STYLE | ribbon choker





Fabric scissors


Velcro strips

Needle and thread




Lay your ribbon on a flat surface next to a ruler after measuring your neck with the measuring tape (this first step is pretty similar to the previous necklace)! I used the same measurement from the dainty necklace (12 1/2″), but this time I added 2 more inches since the material is different.


Cut off the excess ribbon with fabric scissors.

029 030

Fold in about an inch of the raw ends on each side.

031 032

Press the raw ends down with an iron.

033 034

After you’re done pressing the raw ends down, you’re going to sew in velcro strips on each side. I purchased a long strip of velcro from my local craft store and cut them according to the size of my ribbon.

035 036

Once you have your velcro strips, you’re going to place one on one end of the ribbon, and the other on the other end, but on the opposite side of the ribbon.


Close the ribbon, holding the velcro strips in place to make sure they align properly.


I hand-stitch the velcro strips in for a more secure fit (Quick tip: If you have a sewing machine, feel free to use it! I’m hand-stitching in this DIY since not everyone may have access to a sewing machine)!


Before I begin sewing, I knot my thread at the end to secure the thread through the needle. You don’t have to be good at sewing to do this, so don’t feel like you can’t do this! You can! Just be patient with yourself.


Then I unfold one of the raw ends and start by sewing under that way the thread is hidden.

041 042 043 044 045

I continue to hand-stitch the thread through the velcro and ribbon layer, completing a square outline all the way around the velcro strip. Don’t worry if it’s messy, the thread will be hidden! I used a different color velcro for the purposes of showing how to do this DIY, but when you’re purchasing your materials for this DIY, buy thread and velcro that are the same color!

Once the velcro strips are securely sewed on, wrap the necklace around your neck and connect the strips to make sure everything fits comfortably. This bold choker speaks for itself, but don’t be afraid to be creative! You can even layer this choker with dainty chain necklaces for a bold, but delicate look!



Which choker do you like better! Dainty or bold? Share your thoughts below and let me know how this DIY worked out for you! Don’t forget to Re-Pin💕