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3 EASY Halloween DIY Projects for your Home



Hi, lovelies!

It’s that time of season again! Halloween is only a few weeks away which means tons of DIY projects and crafts!

I want to be honest with you—I don’t usually like to make Halloween or Thanksgiving DIYs. I used to feel like the themes didn’t agree with my aesthetic, but as some of you may have noticed, my style has changed quite a bit! I was able to apply my new look and feel into these DIYs and I was so happy with how they all turned out. I went from totally eclectic to more minimalist-contemporary and I’m really enjoying this new vibe. I’m always changing and evolving! Towards the end of this year I really want to become more of a minimalist because I feel like, as a DIYer, you tend to collect a lot of stuff and I want to just clean things up and be a lot more simple.

Instead of using the typical fall color palette, I applied my own style to these DIYs! Let’s get started.




We’re going to start this DIY series by making a skull candle! You can make as many as you like so that you can brighten your room on those darker, fall nights 🍂✨.


Skull Mold—I found this in the cake-baking section at my craft store!

Soy Wax—You can purchase this from your local craft store.

Essential Oils (Scented Oils)—You can purchase this from Sprouts, Whole Foods or your local craft store.

Candle Wicks—You can purchase this from your local craft store.

Paper Clips—I use this to connect the two halves of my skull mold.

Scissors—You’ll need this to trim the candle wicks after you’ve placed them in-between your skull halves.

Hair Dryer—You’ll be using your hair dryer to seal the two skull halves together.


First, take out your skull mold! Mine came with a front and back mold. Set it aside so that’s it’s ready once your wax is melted.

002 003

Then, measure about 2 1/2 cups of soy wax and place the cup in the microwave for about two minutes so that the chips can melt. If the wax doesn’t melt completely and looks a little chunky, mix the wax before placing it back into the microwave for about another 45 seconds.

006 007

Once your wax is melted, you can add essential oils or scented oils of your choice to personalize the scent of your candle. After your mix your oils and your wax together, let it sit for about ten-fifteen minutes then pour the hot wax into the skull mold.


Now that the skull molds are nice and solid, go ahead and take them out carefully. This part of the DIY looks a little messy, but I had to improvise! I mended the two halves of the skull by pushing a paperclip into one side of one of the skulls then pushed the other skull half into the paper clip, achieving a hook affect! It’s super important that you place the wick in between both halves before you hook one side onto the other!


To seal the two halves of the skull together, you’re going to want to apply a little heat! Any hair dyer will work perfectly for this. After you’ve slightly melted the opening, use your finger to patch up the gap, then let the candle dry for a few minutes. Once everything is solid and sealed, your candle is ready for you to use!

013 014 015





I love any DIY that involves Sharpies—especially mug decorating! If you’re into mug decorating, you’re going to love this DIY.


Blank Mug—Any blank mug of your choice will work!

Black Sharpie—You can purchase this at your local craft store.


For this DIY, I’m going to show you three different designs!


To start off with the first design, you’re going to create two circular-droopy eyes.

For the nostrils, draw two small, pointy triangles.


For the smile, draw a squiggly line and patch it up with some stitches!


To create that spooky, hollow-eye effect, shade in the two circles with your black Sharpie.



If you feel like you’re a little artistically-challenged, this one might be a little easier for you! All you have to do is draw a little black dot and on the sides of the dot create squiggly lines to complete your spider! You can add as many or as little as you like! Now you have a super cute (or super scary) mug! Drink from it at your own risk, haha!

023 024



This last design is a really cool one. We’re going to make some angry, morning eyes! Start off with slanted eyes to create the angry, mad look.


Darken the loops at the bottom of the eye to emphasize the eye-bags (you’ll be adding those last!).


Darken all of your lines once more to give it an even more terrifying look, then draw in the pupils and add on the eye-bag lines!


I decided to cover my entire mug with angry eyes, but you can leave it at just the one pair if you like! This makes for a really fun halloween print and is super relatable for those of you that aren’t morning people!


The great thing about this craft is that you can do this with a group of friends, and after you’ve completed your mugs you can hangout, relax and sip on some yummy hot chocolate! By the way, one of these mugs is definitely not like the others—can you guys guess which mug belongs to Vincent? Hahaha!





For our last DIY, we’re going to make some minimalist pumpkin art! I’m also giving you more than one design for this DIY! Let’s jump right into it.


Two Pumpkins—You can use either real or fake pumpkins for this DIY. I purchase styrofoam, fake pumpkins that were already pre-painted black.

Black Chalkboard Paint—You’re going to use this if your pumpkin isn’t already pre-painted.

Constellation Print-Out—You can print out any star-constellation design off the internet.

Tape—You’re going to need tape for both of these designs.

Scissors—You’re going to use this to cut out your constellation print-out.

Drill or Pointy Craft Tool—You can purchase this at either your local craft or home improvement store.

White Chalk Marker–You’re going to need this to create the second design.




This first design is going to be a constellation-space pumpkin. For this DIY, I purchased pre-painted, styrofoam pumpkins. If you’re pumpkin isn’t already black, you can use black chalkboard paint to achieve this look! I also printed out the constellation for Scorpio, which is my astrology sign. You can find yours online too! Just print it out, trim off the excess paper and tape it to the area of the pumpkin where you want the design to be displayed!


Next, take your drill, or pointy craft tool, and create holes where the starts align. Puncture through each dot referencing your print-out constellation as a guide.


After you’ve pierced through each dot, you’re going to go in again, with either your drill or pointy craft tool, and open up the holes a little more.


To cover up the white foam that’s peaking out from where I made the holes, I went over the pumpkin with black chalkboard spray paint! After you’ve applied the spray paint, let the pumpkin sit for an hour or so. 038


For this very last design, we’re going to create a geometric fox! Begin by taking out some tape and using it to create triangle shapes. Since the surface isn’t smooth and even, we’re going to use the tape as a guideline to create straight lines. I’m creating a triangle on the right side—this is going to be the right ear of my fox as well as the face. With this white chalk marker I’m going to trace the side of the tape, and as you can see, the tape is helping me create a nice straight line against the rigid surface of the pumpkin.

040 041

Take off the tape and re-use it to create the other lines and triangles for the fox’s face. Create triangles on the bottom and on the side, finishing it up some lines to complete the look!

042 043

This turned out to be a really cute and simple design. I messed it up a little, but I patched it up by using more paint. You can also create holes in the fox’s eyes that way it can shine during the night!



Which DIY is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below! And if you’re going to re-create any of these DIYs I’d love to know! I think a lot of people are going to re-create the Sharpie DIY because it’s so simple and the materials are easy to purchase, but whatever you decide remember to be creative, and most of all have fun! I hope you’re all enjoying the fall/halloween season as much as I am!