Safari Day w/ Shay Mitchell & Biore


Hey Loves!

Hey Loves!

This past Monday I got to visit the Wildlife Waystation to join Bioré and the brand’s ambassador Shay Mitchel (from Pretty Little Liars) for breakfast. Bioré is collaborating with the Wildlife Waystation with a limited collection of animal print nose strips in hopes to raise awareness of the sanctuary and cause. They invited me along with a few other influencers to experience the day.

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Before heading out to the breakfast, I didn’t know what to expect besides breakfast, Bioré and meeting Shay.  I knew that I would be meeting in LA but upon arrival, I thought I was in a different state.  I had no idea that such place existed in busy city like LA. The Wildlife Waystation is a safe haven for wildlife animals like lions, leopards, chimpanzees and other animals that have been rescued or have been through traumatic experiences – spread across 160-acres in the Angeles National Forest.  After a safari themed breakfast, the staff members took us on a tour through skinny dirt paths to visit and learn about the animals.


Later in the day we got to hang out with Shay and take home some of the new Bioré animal print nose stripes to try out.  They’re in 3 different fun prints to represent wildlife animals.  Usually, events are hectic and disorganized but I was really pleased how smoothly the day went by. I was very appreciative of how cool the team from Bioré and the Wildlife Waystation were.  They were all very passionate for the animals and it aligns well with what I love.

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I love Shay’s positive energy on camera and off. It awesome she loves collecting sunglasses as much as I do!


Here are the cute animal prints. They make great selfies! These exclusive nose strips are sold in drug stores or other retailers! While they aren’t sold online, you can get some more information at:


I remember using the original Bioré nose strips with my sisters.  We would peel them off together and look at what came out of our pores.  It was so gross but for some reason intriguing.  The limited prints come in leopard, giraffe and zebra prints. My favorite print is the giraffe. If you never used these nose strips before, they help pull out the collected gunk in your nose pores.  To use the strips you just have to clean your face, dampen you nose area with a little water, peel off the plastic backer and then apply the strip onto your nose area. After 10-15 minutes slowly and carefully peel off the strip. You should then see all the stuff that comes out of your pores!  Yuck!  But at least they are clean!

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Before bed time. I was thinking about showing you guys what I collected but that wouldn’t be too pleasant.




FTC: Thank you to Bioré for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to collaborate on this wonderful cause.


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