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5 Dorm Room Decoration Ideas & Tips



Hi guys!

Today I’m going to share a few tips for decorating your space! I remember how uninviting a small dorm room can be, so these tips are especially great for those of you that are going back to college and want to give your dorm or apartment a cozier feel. The best part is, is that you can do just that in five simple steps.

Bedding | adds texture + color


In my old dorm room, I had a really boring bed set and bed frame. I remember thinking how sad it was to look at it! It lacked the homey, cozy feel I yearned for while I was away from home.

So when it comes to buying your bedding, I suggest buying things that will really add texture! Faux fur and knit materials are my personal favorite ☺️. Throw blankets or pillows are also a great way to introduce dimensions or color to your bed. Laying around in materials that you love can make all the difference. 003


Area Rug | adds warmth + style 004

An area rug is a great way to give your room warmth and style. There’s even a DIY rug video I uploaded a few weeks ago for those of you that want to learn how to create your own! I had so much fun creating that rug DIY, and it added the perfect pop of print and texture to my living space.

005 006

Area rugs can expand your workspace by giving you another space to study or hangout. Who knew you could multi-purpose your floor just by adding a rug! For those of you that have hardwood floor in your room, an area rug is an efficient way to set the mood and keep you warm on colder nights.

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Lighting | creates the mood + ambience 009

We often overlook how much lighting can impact a space. Personally, I can never concentrate in a room with fluorescent lighting. I get anxious and it becomes almost impossible to focus! Set the right ambience by using lighting with a color balance that fits your needs.

You can choose lighting that is bright and white (closer to the look and feel of the sun), or you can choose lighting that is warmer, similar to the lights I used inside the DIY table I created a few days ago! Accent lighting is also a great way to create visual interest while adding some light to your room– but play around with different options and find out what suits you the best! The best investment is into your piece of mind!

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Plants | brings in nature 013

I love having plants inside because it connects you to the outdoors. Sometimes when we’re studying or working we forget to take breaks or go outside for fresh air. I often get stuck with writer’s block or hit a wall when I’ve been working inside for hours.  015

Having plants inside is a great way to reenergize and avoid that “stuck” feeling. Not only is it pretty to look at, but it also omits positive vibes for everyone!  016


Mirrors | brings in more light + space 018 copy copy

This is my favorite tip! Mirrors can make a huge difference by brightening your space and giving the illusion of more room.


I usually place the mirror on the opposite side of my window because it creates the illusion of more windows and it brings in more natural light!

I really love these tips— they are definitely my main 5 guidelines when it comes to decorating a room. I remember feeling more at home when I applied these ideas to my dorm room, and rather than being homesick, my space ended up feeling like a second home instead!

I hope you guys enjoy these tips! If you have any room ideas of your own, comment below and share them!

Have a great first week back at school, lovelies💕!



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