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3 Creative DIYS for your Dorm or Apartment


Hi, lovelies!

This week I’ve come up with a series of back to school DIYS that are sure to add some creativity to your space. These room DIYS are also perfect for small spaces and dorms— Let’s get right into it!


DIY #1 | Tropical Wall Art

Usually when you’re in a dorm or renting an apartment, you’re very limited when it comes to decorating your wall. This DIY is a great way to give your space some personality!


  • 3 blank canvases
  • A paint of your choice (I used spray paint for this DIY)
  • Artificial tropical leaves

003 004 005



First, spray the paint onto the canvas, creating a gradient effect by starting at the bottom and gradually lifting up your spray can off of the canvas as you make your way to the top.


Then let your paint dry. Once dry, apply a leaf onto the canvas by first spraying the back of the leaf with an adhesive spray.


Next, lay the leaf flat onto the canvas and let it set to dry before hanging it onto the wall (I used my Fiskar cutting board to make sure that my leaf was centered). You can use as many or as little canvases as you like. I replicated this design onto three canvases, but you can arrange or create them based on your own preference!

008 009



DIY #2 | Hanging Wall Shelves

For this DIY, I got a wooden plank from my  local home improvement store. I had them cut the plank into two separate pieces, one piece bigger than the other, so that I’d be able to achieve the stacked look.

You will also need sturdy string that you will be cutting up in order to hang the shelves. The length of the string depends on how you would like the shelves to hang on your wall.


  • A wooden plank (cut into two separate pieces)
  • Sturdy string
  • Two nails or tacks

012 015 014


Once you have your wooden planks and your string, knot your string at the ends and place the plank through the loops so that they create a “swing”. Do this for both pieces, adjusting the length of the string according to the plank.

017 016

Depending on what you’re going to put on your shelf, use either a nail or a tack to hold the strings of the shelf, and you’re all set!

018 021



DIY #3 | Not your Typical Table

This DIY is inspired by something I saw at Urban Outfitters! This piece is sure to be a conversation starter and a unique way to revamp your living room or bedroom.


  • Table legs (I ordered these off of eBay)
  • E6000 glue
  • A cardboard box to use as your table
  • Extra cardboard pieces
  • Boxcutter
  • Ruler

022 023 024 025



First, cut the flaps off of the original box. Then cut the cardboard pieces so that you can cover all four sides of the box as well as the inside. These extra pieces are going to add structure and sturdiness to the table.
026 028

Once all pieces are cut,  glue four pieces on the outside of the box, and two pieces on the inside. Let this dry overnight.

029 030

After the extra pieces have dried, glue on the table legs. Apply E6000 on the flat area of the legs and glue it to the bottom of the box. Once everything is dried, your table is ready for you to use and decorate! I placed some lights on the inside to add dimension and style!

033 034 copy

036 copy



Those are some of my small apartment hacks and DIYS! I hope you guys enjoy these tips! Feel free to let me know whih DIYS are your favorite by commenting below ☺️


Happy decorating!



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