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Oh Paris…


“If you can travel anywhere in the world where would you go?” Often when I ask that question, I would most likely get “Paris!”as the response. It was also my childhood dream to travel to Paris, see the eiffel tower and twirl on the cobblestone path in a whimsical Parisian dress. Somehow I lost that interest of Paris, thanks to social media. Before I continue, I am not referring to anything as of the heartbreaking tragedy this year. Although every photo of Paris on instagram is stunning, it always looked so cold and dreary to me.  I’m a tropic girl. I love sunshiny places with exotic fruits, turquoise water, sugar sandy beaches and blue sky. When someone tells me their dream is to to visit Paris, I cringe thinking of the weather. Although I have my bucket list of vacation destinations I rather be at, I am curious as to why Paris is so loved.

Paris 1


This month I had a photoshoot to attend in London and decided to make it into a family trip. Why not? We haven’t traveled anywhere outside the country this year and Europe sounded like a great idea.  Originally I wanted us to triangle between London, Amsterdam and Paris – a European adventure! My family was in town the following week and so we cut our trip short and settled for Paris/London. We all flew into London to fly to Paris with the idea of taking the train back into London for my photoshoot and fly home from there – makes sense? yeah! Traveling is never a glamorous experience for sure. Before my travel I didn’t feel excited, just anxious for my photoshoot but when I was on the plane the excitement hit me. Finally upon arriving into Paris my first impression is that it felt familiar. Looking at the roads, city and buildings brought me back to Rome.  However there were the other details that made Paris – Paris!

First thing I noticed were the outside seatings of cafes and restaurant. It was so unique and fun!

IMG_1885 IMG_1866


Traveling as a family gets tricky when it comes to planning. We needed a family friendly place. I think it’s a European thing but looking for hotels with double beds was almost impossible. We got an Airbnb with two separate rooms. How cute is this place?



The weather was exactly as I had thought. Chilly, dreary and grey. I dread feeling cold but then again it was expected. I didn’t want to let it be the focus of my trip and so I cleared out all expectations and only welcome in new experiences. The first day we roamed around the streets taking in all the unique characteristics of Paris. The inner streets were clean and charming. People love smoking while sitting faced to the streets – I thought that was fun and engaging. There were endless cafes and bakeries. The window displays for every bakery was tempting and adorned with colorful delicious looking baked goodies! Oh la la!

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Vincent and I was so tempted to try this place out! They had the most unique looking baked goods. I got cake which surprisingly was not overly sweet. Vincent got a drink which also wasn’t sweet, very bitter but it was also healthy tasting.


The following day we visited Versailles on a bike tour. It was an exhausting tour. The ride was okay as there were breaks in between but I was so jet lagged and the grey sky didn’t help me at all. The farmers market and Versailles was my highlight that day. It was so nice to experience something local, see fresh produce, flowers and meet french folks.  It was a very pleasant experience.  Versailles was absolutely beautiful! I wish we had a little more time but it’s something to look forward to again;)

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For the rest of our trip we made a quick visit to the Eiffel tower. We didn’t have much time in the area but to actually see it was a sweet reality. Later that day we had to go to the train station to get into London. We had a horrific experience due to British customs (long story to be shared on youtube- stay tuned!).  I forgot to mention that a lot of people have told me French people are mean and rude – NOT TRUE!  Here’s a TIP when traveling. Always respect the culture and country by learning their customary etiquette and language. You don’t need to learn everything or how to speak.  The main things to know are “Hello, Thank you and Goodbye”.  By making an effort to learn something like saying “Hi” in the native language of the country, the local people will become more open and appreciative. There are going to be unfriendly people, it’s just a part of the package. If you can make that little effort, it will surely enhance your trip tremendously! My trip ended with some crazy drama at the UK boarder but overall my experience is Paris outweighs any negativity.  I love french people and I love Paris! I hope to come back soon.

P.S. I did some crazy shopping and will be posting about that soon! Stay tuned!



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  1. The weather was absolutely horrific this year . No spring 🙁 .
    But today it’s about 86 °F !!!
    You need to come back in summer 🙂

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