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DIY No Sew Vegan Cowhide Rug |Home Decor


Happy Monday, lovelies!

I have a fun, cruelty-free, project DIY for you! When it comes down to decorating, sometimes all it takes is an added furniture but in this case, a rug. Today, we’re going to make our own cowhide rug (of course, you can change the pattern to your liking). I think rugs are awesome. They’re fun and can help lead the focal point to the middle of the living space.

In this DIY, you can customize the rug based on your own size and pattern. Also, it requires no sewing whatsoever! To see how you can make your own personal cowhide rug then keep on reading 🙂

Cowhide rug 1


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Upholstery fabric

Rug liner

Double-sided tape

Black marker



1.Lay down the fabric with the wrong side facing upwards


2. Layer the liner on top of the fabric


3. Fold everything in half—-hot dog style.


4. Outline your own cowhide design with a marker. Don’t stress too much on this! It doesn’t need to be perfect since these patterns tend to vary. I have also created a pattern template you can use to trace everything down.





5. Cut along the tracing lines. Trim any excess edges if necessary.


6. In order to keep everything in place, lay strips of double-sided tape in between the lining and the fabric

This project was something I wanted to down for awhile but matching the liner and the fabric was something I found to be a little bit more challenging. Try and stay patient! The results are so worth it in the end.