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DIY Magazine Hanging Wall Organizer (No Sewing)


Hellooo, lovelies!

Back-to-School season is here! For a lot of you, school will be back in session in August or early September, so I’m going to give you some time to get a head of the room decorating spree. tFor this DIY, I was so inspired by something I saw from an online store, I knew right then and there that I had to make my own wall organizer.

Wall organizer 1

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Fabric of your choice

Fabric glue (Hot Glue Gun)

Wooden rod

Cord – you can find this at your local craft store



1. Cut out your fabric into three pieces using three different measurements. *Measurements may vary, depending on how long your rod is. You also need to consider how much fabric you will need to fold into the side*

Measurement #1: (Longest) Length: 28 inches Width: 20 inches (depends on how you want to hang it on your wooden rod)

Measurement #2: (Mid-length) Length: 20 inches Width: 20 inches

Measurement #3: (Shortest) Length: 15 inches Width: 19 inches


2. After you get your measurements, cut out your fabric


3. Lay down all of the fabric (on the wrong side) to see if you need to cut down any of the pieces. Fold in the raw edges on both sides about 1/2 inches in

hangingwalldecor05 hangingwalldecor06

4. Press it down with a flat iron and use your fabric glue to glue it down. Repeat the same steps for the other two fabric pieces


5. Stack them on top of each other and turn it around to it’s flat surface


6. Take your wooden rod and place it in the back. Then fold your fabric over to get an idea of how this will look


7. Since the fold can turn out thick, you can hand-sew everything together or you can glue down one layer at a time. Let the glue dry completely

hangingwalldecor011 hangingwalldecor012

8. Measure out an appropriate amount for your cord and cut it. Wrap the cord on each end of the rod and tie it in a tiny knot. Take some hot glue gun and glue it down to the rod. Wrap it around about 3 times and add more glue to secure it. Repeat the same steps for the other end.

This DIY is so great for your bed room, dorm room, or even for your home office. I simply love how you can make it to match the other decor in your room by just selecting your fabric print. Stay tuned for the rest of my Back-to-School decor series!