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3 Easy DIY Summer Dorm Room Decor Ideas


Hi, lovelies!!!

Summer may be here but that means that back-to-school is just right around the corner, so it’s time to get your dorm room decorating groove on! If you’re getting bored with your current dorm room sanctuary or if you’re moving in and living on your own for the first time, here are 3 easy decorating ideas for you.

I think it’s so much fun to spice up a bedroom space, especially since you’ll be stuck with it for an entire academic year. Why not freshen things up and make the place feel like your home away from home? It’s all about functionality with your own personal touch 😉

To learn how to create your own room decors then keep on reading!

DIY #1: Suitcase Nightstand


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Small table nightstand


E600 glue or double-sided tape



1.Glue the bottom of the suitcase to the small table or you can simply place it on top, whichever way that keeps the suitcase stable.


2. You can then place your own personal items inside of the suitcase. This idea is great for those who want to save their space


3. Then decorate the top of your suitcase with a plant, picture frame, and etc. I ended up using my teatime planters from my previous desk DIY

DIY #2: Decorative Wall Decal


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Decal wall paper – pick a color of your choice

Feather template – I have created one for you! (Right click, save this image, and print it out)

feather template


dormroomDIY08 dormroomDIY07

1.Use a ruler and trace out different style shapes. Tap into your creative side for this! You can also draw in whatever shape you like.


2. Cut out the shapes and peel out the back layer


3. Place them onto your wall! (Make sure it’s a flat surface for a cleaner look)

DIY #3: Storage Box Clock


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Box – Choose one that you like. Beauty boxes are great for this DIY!

Clock kit – You can find one at a local craft store or online!

Spray paint

Decal paper



1.Spray paint the side of your box and create a hole in the center of the box


2. Cut the appropriate amount of decal paper so that you can cover the entire box with it. Peel the decal paper and place it onto the box. This can get kind of tricky so work in small sections at a time. You can use a card to help you smooth out the edges

dormroomDIY013 dormroomDIY016

3. Punch another hole in the center of the box and  set up the clock.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! If you’re on summer break, I’m so jealous of you. Take some time to relax and then plan out your room decors before you move back into your dorm.

Have fun with this!



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