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DIY Butterfly Wall Art Decor | Wedding Ideas


It’s the first day of summer! Yay! To celebrate in style, I have an incredible DIY for you. Today, we’re going to make a butterfly wall art that was inspired by something I saw online. Instead of going with a traditional heart, I added a little bit of my own twist and used butterflies instead!

These decors are so great for weddings, bridal showers, or even the center of your living room! The versatility is what drew me to this creative DIY in the first place.

See how you can recreate your own butterfly wall decor 🙂


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Colored craft paper pick 4 different shades (remember this will create the ombre effect that we’re trying to aim for)

Butterfly cutterfound this at my local craft store. If you can’t locate one, that’s perfectly fine! You can create your own template and change the shape to your liking. If you click on the link, you can also purchase it on Amazon!

Canvas size varies, depending on if you’d like a small or big art

Double-sided tape



1.Cut out your butterflies. For each colored paper, I cut out 10 butterflies. Number may vary depending on the size of your shape


2. Fold the wings up. This creates a 3-D effect.


3. If you don’t have a shape cutter, this is another alternative you can try. Cut out a little square piece of paper, preferably the size of your palm.

butterflywallart04 butterflywallart05

4. Fold the paper in half and cut out a heart shape or your desired look.


5. Use double-sided table and attach it to the backside.


6. To get an overview of what the finish product will look like, lay the canvas down on a flat surface and place the butterflies on there. This way, you can adjust the shape if you’d like.

Start with the darker color then transition to the lighter color.


7. You can get even more creative by leaving a sign next to the canvas, asking your respective guests to leave a blessing and sign their name on the butterfly. (Great for wedding receptions, don’t you think?!)

This DIY definitely brought out my artsy side and in a way, it was such a therapeutic project for me…I mean putting those butterflies together took a lot of patience. If you or your friend are throwing a social event or shower, this really is the project for you 😉