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DIY Paper Flower Backdrop



Hello lovelies!

Mondays are usually kind of tough for everyone, but I wanted to bring something light and fun. Hopefully, you can give this project a try and see how one small item can totally brighten up a space!

Last week, I had the pleasure to see my friend Jen (FrmHeadtoToe). We’ve been so busy lately, but we managed to take some time to catch up and of course, do a DIY for you! Since it’s wedding season, we thought these paper flowers would make such beautiful decor for bridal shower, summer parties, to any joyous occasion for that matter. Also, this will be a great time for you to get together with your girlfriends and do something crafty together.  To make this DIY, continue after the break!

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Cardstock paper – colors of your choice

Hot Glue Gun

*A template of the flower petals is at the bottom of this post*


diypaperflowers01 1. Create a pattern or template for your petals. Depending on the size, you can create small or large ones. The shape of the petals will change the overall look of your flowers.

2. Start by folding a cardstock paper in half and cut the petals to your own liking. The sides of the petals should be more narrow.


3. Cut a 2 in. (5.08 cm) slit from the bottom up. Use the first petal as a template and create 4 more (total of 5 petals).


4. For the center/base of the flower, cut out a circle. The bigger the flowers, the bigger the circle, and vice versa.


5. Curl the top edge of the petals.

diypaperflowers05 diypaperflowers06

6. Glue the bottom slits of your petal to create a cup-like shape.

diypaperflowers07 diypaperflowers09

7. Add all 5 of the petals by gluing them to the circle base.


8. For a multi-dimensional flower, repeat all of these steps only this time, create smaller petals and base.


9. As for the pistil (center of the flower), fold a paper in half (hotdog style).


10. Cut little vertical slits across the fold. It can be as thin or wide as you’d like.

diypaperflowers013 diypaperflowers014

11. Add some glue to the edge and roll the slits around. Then glue the edge to the center of the flower.


These paper flowers look amazing on color backdrops. You can have so much fun by switching the color palettes so that it fits your taste and ambiance! I hope you enjoyed this! Jen and I sure did 😉

As promised, here is the flower petal template you can save and use:

Flower Petal