Travel Hack – How to Pre-Pack Your Suitcase Like a Pro



Yay, it’s Wednesday!

Traveling can be so much fun and now that summer is just around the corner, I’m sure that some of you are already well on your way with finishing up your travel plans. One of the things I dislike the most (and I do it quite often), is that I sometimes  forget an item or two. I hope I’m not the only one who does this.

My friends at Simple Skincare wanted me to #TestTheWater and try something new so for my trip to the Gand Canyon, I did something completely different. Instead of waiting for the night before or the day before, I tried to be prepared and pre-packed all of my essentials in 3 small bags.

This is such a great travel hack that will save you time and leave you feeling like a Travel Pro! If you’re interested in seeing how I packed for my trip then continue on reading!

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Here are my 3 Essential Bags:


Toiletries Bag


  1. Waterpik  – It’s portable and fits nicely in any small travel bag. Also, don’t forget to bring your toothpaste!


  1. Simple Micellar Sensitive Skin Makeup Wipes – This is a must! Taking off your makeup at the end of the day is extremely important. Find wipes that work well with your skin and leaves it feeling clean and fresh.


2. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water & Cotton pads – Makeup wipes will do the trick, but if you want your skin to be thoroughly cleansed, try using a cleaning water with a cotton pad. It’s gentle and is an added bonus to the wipes!


3. Cream and Serum – I usually bring Mario Badescu’s Creamer Moisturizer as well as their serum in order to give my face an extra vitamin C boost.


4. Face Masks – These are cost-effective and revitalize your skin so well!

Travel Tip: If you’re flying, transfer all of your liquid products to a travel-size container. That way, you won’t run into any issues with TSA


Shower Bag


  1. Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. Tangle Teaser Brush


3. Body Wash

4. Exfoliating Towel


5. Travel size hair products (ie. hairspray, serum, leave-in conditioner)


Makeup Bag

  1. Concealer
  2. Eyebrow Pencils
  3. Foundation
  4. Lip Balm
  5. Makeup brushes
  6. Eyeshadow palette
  7. Mirror
  8. Blush, lipstick

Are you traveling anywhere this summer? If so, let me know the kind of items you’re bringing along and I hope this travel hack helps you! Stay safe and happy packing!