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Boobie Style Hacks | What Bra To Wear w/ Backless & Cute Tops



Good Afternooooon, Lovelies!

I know you’re probably giggling over the title of this post, but bear with me okay? I have different kind of styling hacks for you today! Wearing plunging necklines can be kind of tricky and personally, for me, I’m not that much of a sexy lingerie kinda gal. This year, however, I wanted to try something different and force myself to step outside of my comfort zone aka by experimenting with new outfits. What’s first on the list? Backless and cute tops!

I was lucky enough to collaborate with my friends from Eve’s Temptation with their new Eve by Eve’s line and my goodness, I’m officially in love.

Keep on reading for my own personal booobie styling hacks!

How to Tap Your Boobs

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Gaffer’s tape or fabric tape (length of tape varies)

Silicon Nipple Covers


eve015 1. Cover your girls with a silicon nip covers

eve016 2. Cup one of your girls, lift them up, and tape both sides


3. Try on your top to make sure that everything is hidden underneath!

Inspiration: Cute Laced Bras (All from Eve’s Temptation)

eve08   eve06   eve10   eve02   eve01

These bras are so beautiful and delicate. Also, the materials are imported straight from France!

How to Style Them:


PLUNGE-3 eve09   eve07   eve05   eve03

Here’s my discount code for you. Go get that 30% off 😉

Pink lace top from Eve by Eve’s:
Black lace short sleeve top from Eve by Eve’s:
Navy lace racerback bra on mannequin from Eve’s Temptation:
Eve’s Temptation wireless bra:
Eve’s Temptation Evangeline Full Coverage:
Eve’s Temptation Evangeline Teddies:
Eve’s Temptation Wanda Perfect Shape:

I know we got a little bit intimate today, but I couldn’t wait to share these with you! It’s bit of a risk-taking fashion move, but being able to wear these kind of tops comfortably is definitely a confident booster 😉 Let me know which ones are your favorite!