3 Summer DIY Projects You Must Try



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Spring was good to me, but let’s face it, there’s absolutely something so alluring about summertime. Warm weather, light breeze, and endless pool days, I love a change of season. Why? I get to change up my wardrobe and try out new DIYs. So whether you’re getting your tan on at the beach or by the pool, I wanted to show you 3 DIY that’s perfect for the summer. Let’s just say I was feeling very inspired by the laid-back nature and the endless possibilities that it has to offer 😉

If you have a beach trip coming up or just wanted to lounge around with your friends, learn how to make these fun DIYs! (Hint: You’re going to have a lot of fun with these)


DIY #1: Colorful Tumbler

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Plain glass tumbler

All surface paint & brushes


summerdiy02 1. Paint the first layer onto your glass. I went for cute mini pineapple and watermelon shapes, but you can paint any shape that you’d like.

summerdiy03 2. Then add a second layer.

summerdiy04 3. You may need to add another layer, depending on how the paint dries. Fill free add in fun and original words! (E.g. So Fresh! Yum!)



DIY #2: Coverup Wrap Dress

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60″ wide (150 cm) fabric – choose fabric color of your choice

(2) 12″-14″ wide pieces of elastic bands/ribbons

Fabric glue

Sewing machine



  1. Lay your fabric down and make sure it’s facing upward
  2. Use fabric glue to seal the edges. Create a thin lower closest to the edge

summerdiy08 3. Fold the edges in by 1/2 inches and glue down the fabric in order to seal it. Repeat this step to all four sides.


4. To make the the loop for your arm straps, take the two pieces of elastic bands and find the two corners of the bands. On the wrong side, attach the ribbons down. Make sure that the loop is big enough for your arms so that it’s a comfortable fit.


5. Sew each end of your loop onto your fabric.


6. In order to wear the wrap, you’d have to criss cross the fabric and put your arms into the two loops.


DIY #3: Towel Tote Bag

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Towel – color of your choice

Fabric glue



  1. First, we’re going to start by making the straps of the tote bag. Fold the towel in half. Cut 4″-5″ straight down from the edges.

summerdiy14 2. Tuck in the raw edges of one of the straps then take some fabric glue to seal the seam in.


summerdiy16 3. With the remaining towel piece, repeat the same thing and fold down the raw edges and seal it with the fabric glue.

summerdiy17 4. After, glue or sew down the side edges

summerdiy18 5. Optional Step: fold down the corner and sew it across

summerdiy19 6. To sew on the straps, take each ends of the strap and sew it onto the wrong side of the bag.

summerdiy20 7. Cut off any excess towel piece if needed.




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