10 Ways to Be a Happier Person



Life’s hard and at times, it can throw us a lot of unexpected obstacles. People treat us unfairly, the love of our life breaks up with us, we didn’t get the job that we wanted, etc. When these things happen, our life simultaneously feels like it’s falling apart.

In order to search for some clarity, I spent some time to self-reflect on everything as well as what I can do to improve my mood and essentially, increasing self-satisfaction and happiness.

After coming up with several conclusions, I’ve decided that I want to share with you a couple of things to enhance your happiness. Now these small changes certainly seem minor (at first), but it can really make a world of difference.

To cultivate a happier and more fulfilling life, continue on reading 🙂

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10 Ways to Be a Happier Person:


  1. Clean and color your space – The environment you live in plays a major role in your life. Colors have a psychological effect on us whether you know it or not.


  • Choose light and bright colors! These always make me happy. Repaint your walls with colors like white, yellow, peach, light pink. These are great for stimulating your senses. This goes for DIY decorations as well
  • Speaking of senses- Candles! Add candles to create a nice and relaxing ambiance
  • DIY pretty decorations for your room, add candles for a relaxing ambience.
  1. Organize your life – We live in a very fast-paced society and sometimes it’s really easy to lose control of what we’re doing. So find quality to spend it with the people you care about.


  • Create a system that works for you. Start by delegating your work flow.
  • Write a to-do list, organize your paperwork, clear those red notifications on your phone. Do it before things get out of control!


  1. Get your mindset to be aligned with your goals – Everyone ha their own individual goals. Whether it’s wanting to shed a couple of pounds or creating a better lifestyle, we need to make sure that we don’t fall into the same habit.


  • Begin by making a measurable and attainable goals (e.g. Want to drink more water? Start every morning by drinking a full glass before you proceed to anything else)
  • Talk to yourself. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s not. Start asking yourself some hard-hitting questions. ‘How serious am I about my goals?’ ‘Are they realistic?’ ‘What am I so afraid of?’ This will bring you more reassurance.
  1. Get Healthy – It’s easier said than done. If you don’t like to hit the gym or holding weights scare you then find other alternatives. Sign up for a Zumba class, go hiking. Stop staring at your computer screen, get up, take a walk by yourself or with someone. God gave us legs to appreciate life.


  • Go out and enjoy fresh air. There’s so much you can do! Biking, rock climbing, canoeing, and etc.
  • Watch what you’re eating. Take time to do the research and see what you’re intaking.

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  1. Learn to let go – Let go of the people who have hurt you. Let go of people’s opinions of you. Forgive yourself and know that there are things that are completely out of your control but let the past be the past.


  • Learn how to recognize between things you can control vs. things you can’t. The soon you master this, the happier you’ll be.
  • Keep this mantra in mind – “Your mind creates the quality of your life”
  1. Love yourself – Give love you’ve generously extended to others to yourself. This means taking care of your mind, body, and soul. By loving yourself you will feel a sense or relief. Freedom. You will start to appreciate life and people.


  • Try this mental exercise – Pretend you’re a mature version of yourself sitting in front of the vulnerable you. What words of advice would you give to your current self? would you say to this sad person?
  1. Keep an open mind – We are condition to a lot of rules based on our cultural background, our environment, who we surround ourselves with, etc.  When you let go of preconceived ideas, you will allow yourself to be open to a new world of possibilities. Keeping that open mind will help you be more understanding of others.
  1. Try new things – Get out of your comfort zone and take in every experience as an opportunity to discover what’s out there.


  1. Face your fear – We are living in a fear-based society and so when we face unfamiliar territory, it’s natural for us to be anxious or afraid. Sometimes we even seek to avoid it altogether, but if you can learn how to stand up for yourself, face your fear, your problems, you are now allowing yourself to grow as a person.
  1. Focus (on you) – Be a little selfish, similar to self-love, you need to focus on your own journey and not compare yourself to others. Understand that by making your dreams and goals a priority, you will also learn how to be less controlling of others. The key here is to spread compassion.

I know this is a little bit different than the things I normally share with you on this blog, but I wanted to make sure you know that everyone is going to be experiencing ups and downs, myself included. That doesn’t mean that we can’t work together to spread joy and appreciate the beauty of life that has been given to us.










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