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How to Organize & Declutter Your Closet in 5 Minutes



Hi, lovelies!

Do you know what time it is? It’s time to clean and organize your closet! I find it difficult to rummage through piles of clothes just to search for the perfect ensemble. There is an advantage in having lots of options and so many diversified pieces. At the same time, I am guilty of having too many clothes that are simply just sitting there and collecting dust.

You know that dress you’ve been saving for that next ‘special’ occasion but you haven’t touched it since 2013? Yep, we all do it. While it’s okay to keep things that hold sentimental value to them, it’s almost just as exhilarating to let go of old pieces that are simply overcrowding your closet space!

I want to introduce to you, Ann’s 3 Box Method that can be used for your next closet clean-out! Let’s get started!

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Step 1) Gather 3 boxes and sort your clothes into 3 different boxes. Here are the categories: Sell, Donate, and Trash

Step 2) Sort through your closet and determine which of the categories your item falls under

Step 3) Execute!


Box 1 – Sell

Ask yourself this question: Is there any value to this item? If so, place the clothes in the ‘Sell’ box.

When it comes to selling an item online, there are many platforms you can utilize: Craigslist, eBay, local Facebook groups and many different mobile selling applications.

Tips for Selling on Craigslist:

  • Take a clear picture of your item – This help potential customers to have a visual of what they are purchasing. Photos are everything!
  • Write a good headline and description of your product – This is your chance to SELL your product so don’t be afraid to go into details
  • Don’t post your actual number – I recommend using a Google voice number. Protect your privacy and avoid receiving spams
  • Meet at a designated public location – Safety is important. Be sure to send a follow-up email/text to ensure that the buyer will show up

Box 2 – Donate

Then ask yourself, “Can someone benefit from this item?” Chances are, someone out there needs that clothing item more than you so why not pay it forward?

You can donate your clothes at a Goodwill location or The Salvation Army 


Box 3 – Trash

Finally, is this item any good to keep?

If it’s an old sweatpants with holes in them or an ugly Christmas sweater from 4 seasons ago, I think it’s time for you to throw it away. You can also try making this process a fun one by encouraging your friends or spouse to do the same! You’ll be surprised at how easy organizing your closet may be.

Let me know how it goes! I’m interested in learning the tips and tricks that work for you so share some of  your secrets with me by commenting below 😉